Friday, May 15, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions

Linking up with Heather & Elizabeth for Mid Month Confessions!!
This is always such a fun link up...
I love sharing and reading everyone confessions!
So here goes.....
Back in February, I mentioned how bad I was with laundry...
and before that, in January I mentioned my little laundry hiding situation when we had a house showing.... Yep - this is something I work on regularly.
So here is my 2 point laundry confession for May....
The first week of the month, Ted got up and showered for work as usual and went to put on a t-shirt...for under his polo, well they all "smelled funny" apparently.
He proceeded to rip them all off and throw them and shout out how bad they smelled.
(insert embarrassed wife here)
So once he found one that didn't "smell" and left, I smelled them and realized that it wasn't a bad smell, it was the Downy Unstoppables I added to the laundry...
I guess he's not a fan
And of course, we had another house showing, and I hate leaving any type of anything laying around, so naturally I did the only logical thing and put 2 laundry baskets into my car.
As I was carrying them out to the car, I laughed at to myself and just couldn't believe I was doing this again... Laundry is my enemy
I've talked about our obsession with The Fast & Furious movies in the past...
but it's kinda funny now because we really ARE truly obsessed, and have no shame.
ANY TIME those movies are on, we watch.
Even if we watched it the night before.

I have hair envy.
Reece Witherspoon to be specific.
This is what I'm thinking about doing...
 I want every style she's ever had on her hair.
My hair is pretty long and I'm not really into it anymore so I've been contemplating cutting it shorter. I used to have my hair super short.
I wrote a post about that w bit ago... you can see that here if you'd like

I just have no interest in styling the long hair anymore...

I've been trying to force convince Ted that a trip to Disney is just what we need!
In fact a trip anywhere at this point...
And I have an interesting way of doing so...
We're trying to figure something out to do for our anniversary and just to get away in general... and I want to go see the big mouse! haha
He's not so much a fan...but I'm working on it.
I hint and suggest things about vacations all the time.
I make lists and plans and itineraries and write down costs to the penny.
I make charts with different flight options and who would watch our pets and stuff.
I present them to him and he just kinda brushes me off.
I try.

Speaking of my "lists" and "plans"......

I'm somewhat obsessed with drawing out floor plans of houses we look at.
We will go look at a house and then the next day I'll draw out a floor plan on plain paper and sketch out what I'd to do change it or renovate it.
It usually involves some type of demo or building walls or additions.
I did this recently with the house I thought was "the one" back when...
Post about that here
So I draw it all out and show him when he gets home and is like what house is this?
And I told him to he finally does and like the above lists, kinda giggles at me and brushes it off. Hey, my dad was a builder, this blueprint thing is in my blood! Hahah
I know this quirk will come in handy when we decide on a house.
That and my all my Pinterest boards!

That's all for now!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Tiffany, these are great! I too am a HUGE Reese Witherspoon hair fan. And, for the record, my husband has definitely complained that his clothes stink before and then HAVE - from sitting wet in the washer until they got moldy. Yep. One last fun fact: A friend of mine (and Heather's, I think) from college's twin boys played Paul Walker's son in the most recent Furious movie. Cool huh? :) Thanks for linking up!! Have a great weekend! E

  2. I think you should totally get the Reese Witherspoon hair cut! I love it! And I fully support getting away with the hubby anywhere and everywhere and as often as possible! Before we had Ryan, we would do little one night trips to "deal spots" I would find through Travelzoo. It doesn't have to be fancy or long to feel like a vacation! And Disney would be so fun! He might be thinking little kid Disney. But y'all could do Islands of Adventure and Universal and even a water park for a day. It would be so fun! I say keep working on it. ;)