Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up....a day late

Well I was waaaay busy all weekend and had zero motivation for a blog post for yesterday so here it is today. 
Friday night we headed down to Atlantic City for some dinner at PF Changs and slots machine action. 

We ended up hanging out at a bar watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

We had so much fun and got home super late. 

Up and early Saturday morning for shopping for his sisters birthday
 and mamas day at the outlets. 
We hit up Rook for some coffee and I opted for the berry tea. 
*not my pic*
And of course got some donuts to match. 

We did a little shopping then headed home then got ready for his sisters birthday dinner. Her birthday is actually today, but we celebrated early.
We ate at a great Asian restaurant which is next to impossible to get in to.
So we really enjoyed it.
Then Sunday was Mother's Day 
We celebrated both of our moms....
We went to the boardwalk with my mom and brothers family and had the first MidWay sausage sandwich of the year....

I Mean........
These two are so sweet and such great friends...
My two nephews 
Here is the gift we gave our Moms... I made a little gardening "basket"
They both loved it !
Last but not least, Yacht Club progress!

It was a great weekend, and yesterday we played catch up.

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