Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays

Show & Tell Tuesdays
Favorite Party I Ever Hosted
Linking up with Andrea today...
This is a tough one because I haven't really hosted any parties since I've been with Ted because our house just isn't big enough to host everyone we would need to invite.
I did host two awesome Halloween parties in years past, but meh.
I also hosted a 25th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents, but that's too emotional to get in to and I don't have any pictures online because that was back when we had to actually develop film to see the pics we took!
So for now, since I'm still technically a newlywed, I'm going to share some details about our wedding reception because after all, I hosted that shebang didn't I ? Well, WE did. :)

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking....

My brother walking me to the love of my life....

His face when I walked in.....

I could write an entire blog post about this moment right here...


This is an exceptional level of happiness right here..

I actually just said "oh my gosh, we just got MARRIED"
I am so blessed to get to do life with this amazing man

I love this shot...

My dads car :)


Our favorite place.....

I did that randomly

Our amazing bridal party

Walking up the street to the beach for pictures....

My Girls

The Boys

Group Shot

So fun!!!

~ Reception ~

We were SLIGHTLY excited!

I legit changed my shoes as soon as I walked out of church... Flips FTW!!
" God Gave Me You"

Toast :)

My two best friends from high school......

My mama.....my world.....my everything....

My husband and his mom :)

I two stepped with my Godfather to "Here for a Good Time,  by George Strait"

The dance floor was PACKED from start to finish

My brother and sister in law

My Big Brother :)
That cake was delish!!
My cousins husband is THE BEST time at weddings....

And this is his wife.....


 My Amandas ;)

And just like that - we were married !

And then.....we jetted off to Aruba!!
Read all about our honeymoon here

I'd do it aallllllllllll again if I could.
It was the best day ever!!!


Stop back tomorrow for an amazing recipe!!


  1. You were a gorgeous bride!! Looks like it was an AMAZING party!!

  2. The wedding is the ULTIMATE party right?! I always enjoy seeing other's wedding photos. I'm jealous you got to take photos on the beach.

  3. Beautiful wedding! I love the car too!

  4. You were a beautiful bride!!!! Looked like a FUN wedding & party!!!!

  5. Looks like SO much fun! Makes me even more excited for mine! :)