Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by - but it was great !
I brought little Tessa outside to enjoy the warm weather - we sent daddy a picture. She was a little scared so I held her super tight, but she REALLY wanted to see the outside!
I took a drive down by the yacht club to see the progress... lookin' good!

I had a moment where I REALLY wanted to be in Texas with my BFF Amanda...
I tried to talk Ted into a luck

Oh yea, I had this amazing salad for lunch during work
It was spinach, caramelized onions, candied walnuts, tomatoes and a gorgonzola puff
omg - yum

Friday night Ted had a softball game, so I took Jakey with me and we watched his game. It was a bit chilly and I was happy to get back in the car when it was over! Haha -
Saturday morning, we got up and did some yard work and by we I mean Ted.
I took little mama outside again...this time she liked it more :)
My mom had a charity event Friday night and won flowers delivered every month for a year
This is a shot of the beautiful arrangement she won for this month... SO pretty!

I was dreaming about one is surprised there...

I left Ted mid morning to go visit with my friend Amanda (I refer to her as Jersey Manda)
I got lots of kisses from her sweet pup she rescued last month....
Meet Zeus!
(He was pooped from playing with her other pup all morning!)

When I came home, these two little stinks were quite close to each other which is HUGE.
They typically hate to be that close, so I took a picture to document it actually happened!!

Saturday early evening we went to my Aunt's house to celebrate her 65th birthday!
My hubby was hanging in the yard with the little kiddos and I snapped this pic of him...
I'm pretty stoked he's MY husband...

Saturday night we laid low at home...
We may or may not had made a late night run to Taco Bell...
You'll never know :)
Sunday morning I met my mama and nephew at church...
When I pulled into the parking spot I went to sip my iced coffee and it spilled all over the place. All over my legs, feet, ignition and keys. I even had little puddles in my shoes.
It wasn't a fun way to start the morning.
After Church I went home to prep the house for a house showing and to grab Jake.
Then went to my moms (She was pup sitting for me)
We took a little bike ride to check out an open house for the house I want
(remember the kitchen I love?!)
Yep - the house is amazing!
And this sweetie was so proud of himself for riding his bike there
(the house is literally behind my moms)
I swear, if this kid could move in with my mom, he would.
He loves being with so cute!!!

Here's the house... Not sure if the porta potty comes with it or not hahaha (jk)
It's very nice....super pretty and I want it.

After all that I headed to a baby shower for Ted's cousin
He spent the day with his dad...
This guy was WIPED out from hanging at Gramma's and playing with little man all day.

Ted and I pretty much hung out Sunday night and relaxed.
We may or may not have watched the first Fast & Furious movie.
All in all, another great weekend in the books!
Looking forward to this weekend and celebrating our Mamas
Stop back tomorrow for a fun link up
and again on Wednesday for "What's Cookin' Wednesday" where I share an awesome Bruschetta chicken recipe complete with sides!

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