Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Best Vacation Ever!!

Linking up with Andrea to share my best vacation ever!
This is a toss up because my Honeymoon in Aruba tops this list hands down.
But I've had so many other memorable vacations.
When I was 12 we drove across the country and back in a conversion van.
My Dad, mom, brother & me. It was a blast!
We got to see all the sights and attractions our country has to offer.
I went to the Bahamas with just my mom when I was 19 and had the most amazing time.
I don't know what prompted the vacation, but it was surely one of my favorite times with just my mom and we had SO much fun.
All my trips to Texas are also up there because I just love Texas
(One of the Texas trips would top the list for worst when me and 2 of my girlfriends were going and missed our connecting flight and had to spend 8+ hours in the Detroit airport!)
Since I never officially did a post about my honeymoon, I'm going to do that now...
Ted and I got married this past September on a Saturday, then that Monday we jetted off to ARUBA!

My gosh, it was AH-MAZING. The most beautiful place EVER.
We had an absolute BLAST!

In the airport, like 24 hours after our wedding - EXHAUSTED

Eddie and his GF - Friends in Aruba who picked us up!

View from a top level in the hotel

Pool Bar

White sand...

View from one of our balconies

My FAVORITE pic - after our romantic dinner on the beach

All the places to go!

Hot Aruba Rain

Roadside CoCo Shake = AMAZING

One od the big Iguanas at the hotel

The doors to our room!!

Divi Trees

The Iguana with a little nub

Hubby on the SUP

Beers while walking on the street...it was SO HOT!!

Snorkel adventure on the catamaran boat

Dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant

A glass of wine on our balcony from our honeymoon package brought to our room

Another dinner with my husband

Underwater on the snorkel adventure

Aruba sunset

"Life's better in Aruba"
We plan to go back sooner than later. We would LOVE to go this fall,
but Aruba is expensive!!
We're shooting for Bahamas.
In the mean time...we might shoot down to Texas to see my girl Amanda...


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  1. What a fun trip! Aren't Honeymoons the best? :) Those trees are so fascinating. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your trip!