Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Things !

Favorite Summer Shoes!
Linking up with Andrea & Erika today to talk summer shoes!

My feet rarely see anything other than Uggs and Flip Flops and Sanuks.
I transition from flips to uggs then from uggs to flips. It's pretty lame. Haha
So for the summer... I pretty much wear Sanuks and the occasional sneaker. 

Chuck Taylor Shoreline

This summer I scooped up these awesome chucks and LOVE them!


...Usually you will see me wearing these though.
I have this exact pair and wear the crap outta them! 
The boys wore black Sanuks in our wedding :-)
Sanuk Yoga Flips
And of course, flip flops. But not just any flips... Yoga mat flips! Omg these are heaven! So comfy and tough. I've had my white ones for 3 years Andy black ones for 2 years and they hold up so great! I want a new color this summer!

Sanuk Yoga Slings
I got these last summer in black.
I love them. They are super comfy and can be worn with a sun dress to spiff it up a bit more than flip flops. 


And like pretty much everyone in my family, sometimes shoes just aren't necessary. I love being barefoot in the summer. I used to walk around with no shoes on all the time. I have some tough feet too. It's kinda strange :-)

Bare Feet...
No picture with this one because my feet are ew. Like for real... I was a ballet dancer and I have my fathers feet. I'll spare you all the awfulness that is my feet. You're welcome. 

So there you have it!
Go grab some Sanuk Flip Flops!
You won't be sorry!! 

Stop by tomorrow for my weekend wrap up! I'm chatting all about my mama's
Birthday weekend!

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  1. I've been wanting to try those yoga sling flip flops, now i really want to!