Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend WrapUp

Happy Tuesday!
 Since I did the link up yesterday for my favorite summer shoes, I'm here today to wrap up my weekend! And boy was it jam packed with fun stuff!!
On Thursday Ted & I babysat our nephews so my brother and his wife could celebrate their 10 year anniversary!

Their wedding was SO much fun!
Friday I had a half day at work because Ted's work had their open house and picnic.
So I ran to my brothers and scooped up my nephew to bring him with me.

It's a shame he had no fun at all :)
Love this boy!
It was super hot - but I wanted a pic of us, isn't that just the most attractive face :)
Afterwards, I had to run home and spruce up the house for a showing.
Then we headed to my brothers house to BBQ for my moms Birthday!

After we ate and had yummy ice cream cake, we took a bike ride around the neighborhood.
On Saturday... Ted & I went to the diner for breakfast then came home and did some relaxing. I had to go to a 50th Birthday with my mom for a dear friend of my dads.
On my way I scooped up a tea from Starbucks and a cookie :)
It was at the place where our wedding reception was...so it was fun to go back and be there!
Love my Mama

I sent this to Ted - it's where our cocktail hour was :)
When we left, we were having SUCH a bad storm...
It was a total nightmare to drive home and took SO long.
Luckily that was all gone by Sunday morning...
We had another house showing Sunday morning so we pretty much spruced up the house again and waited - this time I have a good feeling....fingers crossed!
After all that, I got ready to pick up my mom for lunch and tea at a Victorian Tea Room in our little downtown.... We had both never been there, and it was so much fun!
Once you walk in, you pick out a hat and sit down
We had lots of yummy finger foods, amazing soup and the best tea I've ever tasted in my life!
Can't wait to do this again!

After I dropped mom off, I headed over to the beach to watch Ted surf....
Evidently the storm the night before (that I drove in) brought "epic waves" to our beaches
The clouds were dense and really pretty...
 Some dune grass with the waves in the background
The original house on this "footprint" was destroyed in Sandy...
They just finally finished rebuilding it and my goodness, it's amazing! 
How's that for a "beach house" ?! 
Another dune grass shot - I was being artsy 
This poor guy broke his surfboard...  
This is me trying to figure out which spec is my husband...  
I'm pretty sure I found him....
And I shared on Instagram my new favorite shirt from Tara Lynns....
Love it and LOVE that store!
Monday morning when I was getting ready for work...I checked the weather and was surprised to see that it was a bit chilly!
LOVING this kind of weather in the morning!!

Stop by tomorrow for What's Cookin' Wednesday!


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