Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Andrea & Erika today...
Favorites Lately...
Since the weather warmed up significantly these past couple of days, I've felt less like doing my hair and more like throwing it up in a messy bun or whatever.
So because of that, one of my favorite products lately has been:

You can find it at Walmart...
It's super light and smells great and gives that textured feel and look to your hair.
Perfect for a messy up-do-ish kind of look!
As we all know, I'm totally hung up on moving.
I can't wait to get out of where we are and in to our new home.
I have boxes of brand new stuff from my wedding shower that is in my moms basement waiting to be unloaded into a new kitchen. It's killing me.
But one of the things I busted out lately is this:
It's the Bobby Flay Grill Pan available at Kohls or online at
It's great to throw on the grill to cook veggies or shrimp/scallops.
I just love it.
Lately, on Pandora I've been listening to a random "island" type mix including bands like Zac Brown Band, Bob Marley and one of my faves that I hear at the Riverwalk in Texas "Echos of the Incas" but I recently added Steel Drums.
I LOVE the sound of steel drums. And if I didn't get married in a church, I would've gotten married on an island and had steel drums playing....
so that sound is for sure my favorite lately.
Ahh...imagine being on the beach on an island with a pina colada listening to this guy play....
One of my favorite bloggers, Heather from Notes from the Nelsens, blogged about her trip with her hubby to The Inn at Palmetto Bluff back in 2013.
Heathers Picture
This place just looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
I brought it up to Ted last night and we're going to look in to when we're gonna go.
Everything about this place just sucks me in.
It's for sure something that I'm looking forward to and I'm sure will be my favorite.
Check out Heathers Blog for her recap of their trip and all the beautiful pix!
Last night, I made Shay's Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Burritos and they were a huge hit!
Super easy and so yummy!
I bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and followed the rest of the recipe as is.
These were a favorite of Teds for sure! 

Speaking of Shay, I recently FINALLY finished her brother Sean's book...
I loved it. I loved his honesty and how he told his story.
It's truly a great read. I was actually bummed when I finished it.
Haha I was like noo... I wanna read more!!
This quote came across Facebook at some point during the week and it just hit me.
It's so true.... often we focus on making the money and getting our job done that we forget what life is really about.
So on that note...
Definitely my favorite motto lately...
And last but certainly not least.... the house I mentioned on Monday...
We've been discussing it a lot... It's pretty much what we want.
No, it IS what we want. We talked about how we'd make it ours.
What we'd do to each room, the yard, the basement...
We love it. It's perfect and the price is amazing.
The only set back is that in the back part of the back yard, it backs up to a concrete wall.
Deal breaker? We don't know...we're talking it out. We'll see...
But in the mean time, here's the amazing fireplace in the great room...
This weekend we are jam packed with fun and I can't wait!
Check back Monday for car show pics and a recap of the weekend!
Have a safe fun and blessed weekend!

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