Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Lately

I guess it's one of those things....
Once you stop doing something, you kind of fall off the bandwagon of doing it?
I dunno, but I haven't felt like I've had much to blog about lately.
So on that note, here is life lately...
I planted a whole bunch of flowers and veggies
I love the way everything looks blooming all around...
Especially my rose bush
This year I got fancy in the front garden and did a wine barrel tilted with flowers "pouring out" of it.
I set up a surf shop bird house we've had lingering around for a while on the inside...
It looks super cute in person 
My love
And the house hunt continues...
As does the attempt to sell our current house.
It's so frustrating because no one wants to buy it! haha
In the mean time...we're still looking for our next home.
I looked at this one with my mom last weekend and LOVED it.
It literally has EVERYTHING we want in a home:
Beautiful kitchen, huge dining room, amazing great room, full basement, fire place, deck in the back, GRASS, and so much more!!
And then there's this pudge
She is such a ham 
Last weekend we had a BBQ at my cousins house because my cousin who lives in England came across the pond for a visit.
This Saturday we have a BBQ at Ted's sister/boyfriends house for their housewarming.
And on Sunday we have my favorite car show in PA.
Here's a pic of what its like there... I'll take pix this weekend!
It's so picturesque and such a huge show with all kinds of British cars.
This is only one area where the cars are
I'm so excited.
It's a long drive and it's going to be a long day - but it's SO fun.
And so many of my memories with my dad revolve around car shows.
I've been going to them since I was a baby.
And now that I have a car that my dad and I built together,
It's my favorite way to honor his memory...
So that's life lately...
I'm looking forward to the summer and switching to summer hours and Fridays off.
Happy Tuesday.... I hope to get a recipe up here for tomorrow

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