Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately

Nothing much has been different around here lately...
Just enjoying summertime with my family
Yesterday I hung out at my moms for a bit with my littlest nephew...
He's so cute... I love him to pieces...
The ducks were at my moms hanging out - so I fed them and gave them fresh water.
They are so funny... I loved living so close to the bay
Our next house is in the same neighborhood, so there will be plenty of duck visits :)

I saw this online and thought it was super informative!
I love watermelon in the summer...
Save it and reference it when you're grocery shopping!

I also saw this and found it interesting...
I'm going to have to remember to try this

On Tuesday night we had some crazy weather...
 We were expecting awful thunderstorms with rotation and damaging hail and lightning,
 but we really only had some rain and a few rumbles (fortunately)
Once the black skies moved out - this is what we had...
So pretty....

And about half hour after the orange sky, we had this...

We went to look at the house we are buying/want to buy for the third time.
We took Ted's parents and my brother and his wife this time.
Everyone loved it. So now we're talking about contracts and what not.
Exciting things happening...pray someone buys our current house sooner than later!
Here's the kitchen love love 
And this is part of the back yard 
Another shot of the back yard 

And this is the dining room (and my bothers back side)
What I love about this place is that it's all updated beautifully BUT -
There is still tons of old school character and charm.
Knotty pine as an accent wall in most rooms and stuff...
Original trim and hardwoods...
It was my goal to find a home that embodied all the things I want, and this one has it!
Please pray that this all works out - I know God has a master plan, and if it's meant to be it will work out the way we want, but keep your fingers crossed!
Have a fabulous afternoon!!

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  1. Love the watermelon tips! I never know how to pick a good one so this is helpful!