Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday ~ Yards

Show & Tell Tuesday ~ Show us your yard!
Ok...so currently, my backyard is pretty straight forward...
We have a fire chimney thing and two chairs and a table back there with it.
We have a little bistro set that we sit on quite often, and we have rocks and grass.
We don't LOVE our backyard in the warmer months because it's a bug sanctuary.
I mean, you have to commit to being covered in bugs....it's gross.
So on that note, since we're going to be moving, and since Pinterest is the be all and end all of every girls fantasy world... I'm going to share some things I've recently "pinned" for our new house.
Which, by the way, I think we've found.... so with that house in mind (pix when it's official) here are some of my plans....
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The house we like has a deck and window in a location that would make this option completely do-able. I love this and think it's so fun!
We also would have room for a pool....WAY down the road... but it's on "the list"
Something small and practical but nice and functional too...
Also in this yard, we would need a privacy fence because it backs up to a large concrete wall.
Which upon debate doesn't seem all that bad in the long run.
So a nice fence to replace the older one would make the appearance a bit nicer...
And I love to grill...that's no secret!
I would LOVE to have an amazing outdoor cooking space...
 Something like this would be so cool to have, maybe a little over the top, but awesome.
Something a bit more practical and do-able would be this...
So clever...
Since there is a beautiful two level type deck, I'd love to add soft outdoor lighting.
Something like this would be perfect
And a fire pit is also a must.
I love spending time outside when it gets cooler out.
My cousin has an awesome yard with a huge fire pit and lots of seating around it.
I'd love to create something like that as well.
This is ideal...
 That lake as your backyard wouldn't be too bad huh?
If we can't do the pool thing right away, which most likely we won't...
I'd love to get a hot tub.
Who doesn't love a hot tub!?
Another thing that we saw which we both thought was genius, is turning a small shed into a bar/hangout area. Whoever thought of this is seriously amazing.
This looks so easy to do and such a fun thing to have in the yard..
With or without the pool of course
I could make the most amazing yard if I could magically make all my pins a reality.
I can't wait to get into our new place and start decorating inside and out!
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  1. This post sounds like me. I have about 5873 plans for our backyard! We just moved a few months back. Sadly, we have to save up and spend money on un fun stuff like cutting down dead trees. My goal is to have something pretty going on by next summer. I love the lighting and the shed as a bar idea! A pool would be amazing too!


    1. Ugh, I hate having to spend money on un-fun stuff!! Hopefully you'll be spending fun money for next summer though...:)

  2. I love the pool, and the bar/hang out shed! That is a great idea. Great pinning ideas.

    1. Isn't that bar/shed so cool! I'm totally doing that, It's too cool not to!

  3. Oh my gosh when you have that backyard I'm coming to visit because it sounds awesome!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. Haha I plan to have an epic party! :) If only I could snap my fingers and have my Pinterest boards come to reality!

  4. I have never seen a window/bar like that! So fun!!!
    Thanks so much for linking up! :)

    1. Isn't that so cool! Our new house has that set up, I'm totally having my husband install that kind of window and ledge thing.... love it!