Monday, June 15, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions

I completely forgot about this fun post this month!
So I am a little late to the party, but better late than never, right?
So we're still going strong on trying to sell our house.
It's quite frustrating as we are well into our 7th month of it being listed and now it's down about $15k from when we started :(
We continue to have little traffic coming to see it...and when we do, it never fails that I have a ton of laundry to you guessed it - in the car it goes.
The sad part now is that Ted knows this and just automatically puts it in there.
This past Saturday, I was in the mood for a donut, so I went to Quick Chek to get an iced coffee and a donut. Well. Quick Chek doesn't sell bakery items like say Wawa or whatever, so I opted for an Entemens donut. Except those don't come individually, so I went for the whole box. Except that there was a sticker on the box that said 2 for $6.
So you guessed it, I went for two - but then decided I'd never eat all those donuts, so my 2nd box of choice was their chocolate chip cookies.
This was Saturday, they're almost all gone...
Since I read Heather's confessions which sparked my memory to do mine, her one confession made me giggle to myself because I relate 110% to it. She said that Matt asked her if he could imagine dating now and Ted and I talk about that every once in a while as well.
I'm so thankful that I am where I am and I don't have to try to impress anyone or get someone's attention or what have you. Recently we were at Latitudes watching our favorite local band play, and we were just sitting there enjoying the music and people watching. I had a ginger ale and Ted was drinking a beer... I looked around and said to him, "Could you imagine trying to pick up a girl/guy in this scene right now?" and he laughed and said no way. It's so true...
Once you're settled , the thought of having to try and "pick up" someone is awful... lol
I'm happy to sit on the couch in my sweats downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's yawning at 7:30pm watching Wheel of Fortune excited to get to bed shortly there after...
I'm a paranoid pet mama... but for good reason.
Jake, our pup, had a golf ball size (squishy) lump on his neck last week...
Once I noticed it I immediately called the vet.
I made an appointment for the first time available as soon as I could.
Because of this, I had to take a half day off from work to take him...
Well... Here I am alone in the vet with Jakey... the doc checks him out and says he's not immediately worried then takes a sample from the lump with a needle.
He goes and looks at it under the microscope and comes back and tells me he sees something abnormal and with my permission, wants to send it to pathology.
So naturally I freak out, but tell him of course.
On the ride home I call Ted basically in tears.
Because you know, my complete irrational thought process is that this is it for Jake.
~Fast forward two days later, the doctor called me and said pathology came back fine and that it's a ruptured salivary gland and that we didn't need to do anything and it would go down/away on its own.
Lately, I've been really thinking about where to go for our 1 year wedding anniversary...
My main focus has been on The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina...
Thanks to Heather :)
Well... I've been researching and researching and e-mailing with Heather about it and basically almost booked it....
And changed my mind.
In September, when we will celebrate our anniversary, it's going to be HOT there...
We decided we wanted to go more in May or October... so that is getting a pin into it for now...but we're definitely going to go.
Instead, Ted has something up his sleeve which involves New Hampshire and/or Vermont.
No complaints here... I love it up there :)
Last but not least, I love the Teen Mom shows on MTV.
I don't stay away from 10pm - 11pm on Mondays to watch it, because that's too late haha, but I do watch it when it's on.
I don't condone teen pregnancy, or agree with the behaviors on the show, but it's reality TV at it's finest, and I'm all over it.
Therefore, I bought Caitlyn & Tyler's book "Conquering Chaos"
I'm about 3 chapters in, and it's quite interesting to see how far they've come in their young life and how much they have matured and grown.
It's a fun little read and I love biographies...

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  1. Oh my goodness I'm so glad Jake is okay! I would have bawled my eyes out too! And we are the same person- ranch on pizza and entenmens donuts?! Yes please! And oh man I'm excited for whatever Ted has up his sleeve for your anniversary. New Hampshire/Vermont and the New England area is definitely on our list!! So fun!!