Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When I Grow Up ~

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Linking up with Andrea today...  
For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a mom.
When I was little, I had baby dolls and played with my kitchen set.
For a minute I wanted to be a teacher, but that thought flew out the window.
All I wanted was to be a mom and wife.
And now I'm half that!
I got married this past September...
And now we've been discussing starting a family...
Once that happens, I'm done working, at least for a while....
I know I said at some point before that I even wrote it in my elementary school yearbook.
It's the truth though.
Some women can't leave their job, I will have no problem with that.
Some women crave "adult interaction" I'm good on that.
I dunno, just something about being the mom/wife to a baby and husband and that being your sole responsibility totally appeals to me.
I've had so many random jobs in my life, it's kinda crazy actually.
Currently, I work for the special education department of the school district in our town.
I don't love it, but I don't hate it.
It's a paycheck.
I do love all the sweet kids I see every day and my co-worker friends, but the job can go.
So right now I work full time and am a full time wife.
Like most women are in the world....I get that.
It's a lot of work because your work day doesn't stop when you leave work.
House work awaits, and I'm not talking about the cleaning and what not I do on the weekends typically...but all the other stuff.... you all know.
My husband is spoiled, but I choose to spoil him.
Typically a day in my world looks like this:
I get up around 5:00
(Ted is up at 4:40 and in the shower..)
I make his breakfast & pack his lunch (almost everyday)
We chat a little bit while he gets dressed and ready
He leaves for work (5:40ish)
I feed the cats and let Jake out/in
I put my lunch together if I didn't do it earlier
I get in the shower...then get ready (makeup/hair/dressed)
I give Jake a cookie and grab my stuff and head out (6:35)
I work from 6:55am-3:00pm
After work I head home to get dinner together, sometimes I have to stop at the grocery store, sometimes I go on my lunch break if I need to grab something.
Ted gets home at 4:00
We chat a little, then usually eat around 5:00/5:30
We clean up
Then I do laundry or whatever and we watch a little tv or walk Jake or now that it's warm out we do some yard work or hang out in the yard.
Then after I scoop the liter box and get the house situated and Ted locks up and we head to bed. Super glamorous I know.
But that's my life and I love it.
It's a little overwhelming at times because working full time and then having to do all the wife things and house things on top of that gets to be a lot, but I manage it.
I'll be happy when I can quit my job.
So anyway.... At almost 33 years, I'm almost where I want to be and where I wanted to be when I "grew up"
Life is a pretty crazy ride...
See ya tomorrow for WCW :)

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