Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ Catching Up

Happy Friday!! 
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I haven't been blogging much because last week I was off from work and so was Ted because it was our birthdays! WooHoo - we thoroughly enjoyed each day off from sun up to sun down. 
Life should be that wonderful. 
Working is overrated!! 
Anyway - here are my Friday Favorites!
My Birthday cake!!! 
Homemade by my mamma!!! 
I die - it's so stinkin' cute!!! 
She's so talented!! And it was yummy!! 

Going for a car ride with this stud. 
I love my bugeye - and my favorite is being driven around by my hubby...

Riding bikes along the beach with my love.
We rode bikes on the island for about 3 hours.
It was over cast but warm so it was perfect.
Bike riding is definitely my favorite thing to do in the summer. 

Sebastian Maniscalco - HILARIOUS!! 
He is my favorite comedian by far. 
Go look him up on YouTube for a good laugh.
Especially the Chipotle bits. 

This Cardi from Tara Lynn's!! 
I ordered it this week and can't wait to get it and wear it this fall.
I'm sure it will be my new favorite!! 

My favorite cousin from PA came for a visit.
We had a blast having him stay with us.
He is coming back in August!
We can't wait!! 

Bike riding again!! 
We had my cousin Mark (he snapped the photo) just look at that background.
 I love the summer in my town. Evening bike rides are a favorite for sure!

What's NOT my favorite is breaking down in the little cars!
This is a post for another day........
Long story short - after 3 hours of breaking down and being only 12 miles from home we had to push it the last mile....
The beach
My favorite all summer long....
Drinks with my favorites...
at our favorite summer bar!
One of my gifts from Ted - my new favorite (casual) watch!
NOT my favorite...what the walk to my office looks like in the summer
Dark, smelly, sticky and HOT!
Watching Todd Frazier kick BUTT in the home run derby and winning was my favorite thing to watch all week!!! He's incredible. He's our hometown hero and he's a friend. So exciting!
Him winning the little league world champs on the left in 98 and the derby on the right (with his brother)
Steel Drums.
My favorite music lately!
LOVE this band and this song!
Sitting right here in the summer
My moms front yard....
My absolute favorite...
Especially on a cool night.
Watching my husband do Legos with our nephew is my favorite.
This was last night - he spent the night with us.
He was so excited!
Have an amazing weekend friends!
I'll have lots to talk about next week!


  1. What a fun week! And yes, your mom is crazy talented. Have a good weekend!

  2. That ladybug cake is adorable! All that bike riding looks so fun :) Happy Friday!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Your mom did a fantastic job on your cake -- SO CUTE!!! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend! -- Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate