Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Andrea to share my
Beauty Routines...
This is kind of funny to me because I wouldn't say I have any type of "beauty routine".
I do the same thing to myself in regards to how I look each day...
It's seriously the most UN interesting thing EVER.
I shower pretty much right when I get up...
I use Dove bar soap on my face (gasp, I said bar soap!!)
And since we're in the shower, I use Olay body wash along with Herbal Essences "naked" Shampoo/Conditioner  
My make up "routine" is the lamest thing ever.
I use all basic store bought stuff.
Clinique tinted moisturizer
Whatever eye shadow I feel like wearing from the 100 shades I have
Mabeline mascara
A tiny bit of bronzer...
That's it for the day.
I never "re-apply"
I rarely care what my makeup looks like, unless I'm going out.
At night, I use Neutrogena make-up removing wipes
Then I hit the sac.
Now, I'm sure "at my age" I should have a better routine than that.
I should wash my face with better stuff and moisturize better
I should use some type of cream
I just don't
I also wear nothing but black chapstick on my lips.
And the occasional sun bum sun block.
I apologize for boring you - but it's my Birthday today....so I get a pass :)


  1. Too funny! We have similar routines! Happy Birthday!

  2. Love all these brands! Especially the shampoo! - Seri from www.Serisblog.com