Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Another great weekend in the summer down...
Mine started on Thursday at 12:00 when I left work.
I went home and made lunch.
I was in the mood for a cheese omelet, so I whipped that up and it was delish!
Then I took care of a few errands and got the house ready for a showing.
After all that I headed to my moms and hung out with her for a bit then picked up my nephew to have a sleep over at my house.
He loves staying at our house and doing legos with Uncle Ted...
We ate Chinese food (HIS request because I despise it!)
We had ice cream
We played Monopoly, Jenga and Spot It
Then we crashed!
Up early at 6:30 ready to go...
(Uncle Ted was at work so we had fun with out him)
we ate breakfast, headed to the park and then to Gramma's house
Then grabbed the little one and headed to the pool...
Everyone loves Gramma
Ted came to my moms after work and we headed to the beach for a walk
I left everything in the truck so there are no pictures, but I enjoyed that sweet walk with my hubby AND scored a TON of shells for my collection
We then hung out a bit more at moms for dinner
Ted left a little earlier than me because he had work Saturday, and mom and I took a bike ride. I saw this in a lady's yard near the water and laughed out loud!
I just love all the ducks that are around all the time.
They are so funny...
Saturday I stayed home for the better part of the day
I tried to go to two different Starbucks for their new black mango iced tea
*PSA on that for a minute - OMG if you are obsessed with tea like I am and love mango like I do, then this is the tea for you!! It's amazing!
Go get one!
Anyway, I have the unfortunate situation where we don't have any "real" Starbucks around us.
I have one on the parkway at the rest stop
Or there is one inside the grocery store about 20 minutes from me that I don't shop in.
There's also one in the mall but that's the least convenient to get to!
So Saturday, I went to the rest stop, got out and walked in and the line was insane.
So I left and headed to the one in the grocery store.
No one was there!
I ordered my "Iced Mango Black Tea" and a cookie...
What I got? A mango black tea lemonade.
Not bad....not bad...but NOT what I was in the mood for.
It was good as well, just very sweet
So after that I went home, and got ready to go to dinner with Teds family for the July birthdays.
We had a great time and ate way too much and laughed a lot.
Sunday I got up and headed to church super early because:
When your church is a block off the beach and you're trying to get to 9:30 mass on a hot Sunday, this is what you deal with.
After mass, I went home - prepped for ANOTHER house showing...
Ted and I did a bunch of errands then went to the beach around 3:00
We walked, splashed around and enjoyed the sun and sand
We headed to moms for dinner then to Latitute's to close out the day listening to our favorite band, at our favorite spot!
Every day should be this good!
We love Sundays spent with Katfish Lucy!
(And I love this guy)
Doesn't that just make you love this life...
Have a great week everyone!

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