Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WCW ~ CoCo Shake

The Best Drink Ever!
Coco Shakes

We had these on the way to our hotel from the airport in Aruba.
{side story}
Ted's parent's have a timeshare in Aruba and go every year. Sometimes twice.
They became friendly with a guy who lives down there who used to work at the hotel they have the timeshare in.
He and his lovely girlfriend picked us up from the airport for our honeymoon, complete with a sign and all - it was so adorable!
Once we were in his truck and heading to the hotel, absorbing the amazing Aruba air, taking in all the beauty and completely on cloud 9 because we had just gotten married, Eddie pulled off the road rather abruptly and was like, "hey you guys like coconut??"
We both said yes, and next thing ya know - we had these amazing drinks from a tiny roadside stand...something I never would have thought to do as a visitor, but something I totally trust the judgment on coming from a local!

The Coco Shake Cart

Lots of Coconuts! (and a machete)

Tons and tons of coconuts!

We totally staged this photo!

The ice shaver - so amazing

Dr. Coco mixing our drinks!

Dr. Coco

Enjoying our pre-airport coco shakes before heading home!
Ok -  
So this is how the Coco Shake is concocted!
It tastes extremely similar.
It's not as out of this world as Aruba, but it's darn close.
They are a bit tricky to whip up - and I always make a mess doing so,
but they are worth it!
What You Need:
A coconut
10 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
Whole Milk
What You Do:
Retrieve your coconut meat from the coconut.
Not gonna lie, I had to YouTube this one...
OR you can buy the frozen fresh coconut from the grocery store.
Add it to your blender.
Cover with milk til the coconut is just about covered.
Strain the mixture over a bowl or large glass measuring cup so what you are left with is coconut infused whole milk (basically)
Put a couple of scoops of the meat from the strainer back into the milk mixture for texture.
Whisk in the sweetened condensed milk
Add a few splashed of vanilla extract (1-2 tsp) and whisk
*This is where mine is different from the video*
I then place that back in a blender with lots of ice to get that smoothie texture instead of straight up poured over ice.
Once I reach a good consistency (adding more meat/liquid as needed)
I pour it into a cup and top it with cinnamon!
It's so darn yummy!!!
 This is the YouTube video I googled when we got back from Aruba.
Again, close...but not quite the same
Stop what you are doing and make one of these RIGHT NOW!

Happy Wednesday!!
Stop back tomorrow for something fun!


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