Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This was a great weekend!
Wednesday night we went for sushi...and I meant to share this pic...
It was so yummy!

Thursday, I left work early because it was too nice out to sit there!
We took the boys to fly kites on the beach with my mom...
They had so much fun...
Then they got soaked with Uncle Ted in the ocean... 
I love where I live....
Then I saw this gem on Instagram....Aruba is so gorgeous! 
I rode bikes with my mom :)
Took notes on our friends tikki bar set up (and pool)! 
I found this and loved it!
I rocked my flag scarf from Tara Lynns!
I went with my hubby to watch fireworks
Our little fam :)
These two NEVER sleep this close together...
I ended the weekend with a home made ice cream cone!
This is the kind of weekend I like to remember.
As low key as it was, it was so much fun and so full of memories.
 We kayaked, swam in my uncles pool, rode bikes, laughed a lot, walked, relaxed in the yard, spent time with family and enjoyed each other!
Now on to Birthday week!!

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