Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals

July is suuuuuuuuch a busy month for us!
Our oldest nephews birthday is the 6th
My birthday is the 7th
Ted's birthday is the 9th
His mom is the 15th
My brother is the 23rd
His dad is the 30th
We have several other relatives birthdays in between all of that, like 5-8 more people
It's 4th of July
We have several BBQ's
A "drive" with the little cars
It's a busy month - HOWEVER, I still need to get some stuff DONE!
Keep the house more "show ready"
I know it's no secret that we're desperately trying to sell our house.
There is clean, and there is show clean.
Anyone who's sold their home knows this.
Our realtor suggested we keep personal things "hidden" while we're showing the home.
So this means, there are no pictures anywhere really, no trinkets, nothing personal
It's actually kind of depressing because it just doesn't feel "homey" lately.
And as much as I dislike it, I have to keep it that way until we sell.
I'll get a call that someone is coming to see the house "tomorrow at 4" so I quickly hide things and shove things places and put our toothbrushes away and shove my lotion by my bed in the drawer etc. It's crappy for sure, but I really want the house to look perfect.
So I am trying to keep it "show ready" for this month because once we drop the price, I'm hoping to have more traffic so we can finally MOVE!
Finish the book I began reading & start another
I started to read Teen Mom stars Catelynn & Tyler's book earlier in June...
I have yet to finish it.
Once I do, I am either going to start reading Candace Cameron Bure's book

Or I'm going to grab Bread and Wine since all the girls in the blog world I'm in are chatting about it...

Cook More
We're always running around and back and forth to my moms all summer long
We never really sit and eat at home because it seems there is always something going on or somewhere to be or Ted is surfing or I'm hanging with my mom.
So I really want to make a point to have dinner at home at least 3 nights a week,
preferably 4.

Plan our Anniversary Vacation
I can't believe it's going to be a year in just 2 months!
I know we're doing a trip around New England, just not quite sure of the details...
I'd like to get that sorted out sooner than later and have concrete plan set!


Wedding Album!
I neeeeeed to pick out the pictures from our wedding for our album.
I should've already done this, but I haven't
I also need to make an album for our parents and grandparents.
It's embarrassing to admit this as I "plan" my 1 year anniversary trip.
This one needs to be done ASAP!
Relax & Enjoy Summer
Go to the pool
Go to the beach
Sit in my yard
Take walks
Take bike rides
Go to the boardwalk
Drive the BugEye
Walk around Cape May
Stop and just enjoy Summer...

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