Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
First of all, I can't believe that next week is the last week in July!
Wow ~ This summer is just flyyyyyying by!
So here are my faves for this Friday...
I splurged at the Nordstrom sale and got a few things and decided to get myself this Clarasonic Mia that everyone is raving about.
Well. I love it!
I wish I had gotten it sooner!
My new Blardigan

Since I ordered one last year and absolutely fell in love with it, I decided to get another one while they were/are on sale. I opted for the lighter shade with the stripes this time because I have the grey/black one now. And this one is just as soft if not softer than the original.
It's just so comfy and perfect! AND - it will look cute with a white T and jeans this fall!
Fridays Off
I know I've said this before, but it's really awesome having a 4 day work week.
I am LOVING having the 3 day weekend and it's really giving me the itch to have summers off. So I've been interviewing for different positions in my district that would allow me to be a 10 month employee instead of 12 #fingerscrossed
Soft Batch Cookies

These cookies were mine and my brother's favorite "store bought" cookie growing up.
(Moms homemade were the best!)
I recently bought a small 4 pack of these and was instantly reminded of being 6 years old eating these in my parents back yard with my brother.
They're so good.

 well because...
 My best friend in Texas is just awesome.
I love her, I'd be lost without her and I wish so badly that we lived closer.
However, we make it work AND it's a great reason to take mini vacations each year! We used to have alllll those things that said Best Friends split in half. 
So when I saw these tanks I had to get them! 
This quote

 simple yet powerful

And here's a little "Flashback Friday"
The three girls here (me, Katie & Meghan) have been friends since freshman year of high school. 
Katie got married last June. 
I got married last September and 
Meg is getting married this September. 
Her bridal shower is on Sunday!!
Excited to celebrate her and her soon to be hubby!! So fun! 

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Loved those cookies, too! I missed out on the blardigan AGAIN this year. I am short and I think the striped ones will be too long on me. :(

  2. I'm obsessed with my Clarisonic Mia & my blardigan too!

  3. Love my blardigan!! And love this post! - Seri from

  4. Loving your clairisonic color! You will love it! Jelly about your cardigan - I just couldn't do it, even on sale!!