Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions

Mid Month Confessions
~ July ~

Linking up with Heather to confess!!

First of all - it's 9:15am on Wednesday, and I'm JUST doing this post because I totally forgot and I have been a real blogging slacker so I'm kind of throwing this together.

I've been looking for homes for sale and jobs in Aruba.
Yup. Completely unrealistic because we all know I'm not moving to Aruba but it's fun to dream about what Island life would be like.

I have had a weird "discomfort" down my right leg from my lower back, through my buttock into my foot. I've had this before. It's sciatica. I know this.
HOWEVER - I managed to temporarily convince myself that it's something much worse and that my time on earth is limited.
Bless my husband for dealing with my absurd paranoia.

I've been using half days of vacation time at work because I seriously can not stand working in the summer. I'm so jealous of everyone in my building who has summers off.
I've also been seriously slacking with work too because I sit at work dreaming about being at the beach or floating in my Uncles pool. Not in a hot building with no AC and no windows staring at a computer screen.

I've been watching Hallmark Christmas movies any chance I can.
It's mid July and I just don't care. I love Christmas movies. Especially Hallmark ones.

And speaking of the Christmas spirit.... I'm so ready for Fall!
Again, I know it's mid July and I love the summertime, but I love Fall.
Once July4th hits them our birthdays, I'm over the summer and ready for all things pumpkin. #noshame

And finally.... I was so proud of myself for giving up iced coffee.
It was going well for a few weeks. I convinced myself that water was the better choice for a morning beverage.
Yup - here we are this morning - coffee in hand...

Happy Wednesday All



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