Thursday, February 5, 2015

Coffee vs. Tea

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Most people are either a coffee drinker OR a tea drinker.
Some are both.
Some people like iced tea, but not hot tea and vise versa.
Some people like hot coffee, but iced coffee grosses them out.

Me? I love both, ALL ways.

In the summer I love starting my day with an iced coffee.
In the winter, a hot tea warms me up.
Sometimes I throw in an iced coffee when it's snowing, or a hot tea when it's 100* out.

My favorite "store bought" tea

My favorite tea bags!

My "go to"

I love making tea at home!!

It's all in what you like, what you're used to and how you enjoy starting your day.

So what is everyone's favorite.....and why??

Does Dunkin' Donuts get you started in the morning?

Or maybe you love Starbucks?

Maybe you make your own brew at home, or in the office....

....AND - if you DO make your own, what have you found to be the best?
Do Keurig's gross you out now that the article about the internal parts surfaced?
Do you rely on a timer?
Do you drink more than one cup??

Or does some other beverage jump start your morning??
Maybe you drink your coffee when you get home, or after dinner?

As for me, like I said before, I'm pretty seasonal. But I really love coffee and tea equally.
I also LOVE Starbucks Lattes'
I'm totally a junkie!


Caramel, Mocha, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Spice, I could drink one everyday!
I like them hot or iced as well...
Then there are the Frap's.....

Mmm no comment needed!

So that was random, but hey, that's how I roll! #keepingitreal

Almost Friday!!!


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