Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How I met my husband!!

How I Met My Husband !!!

~This is long, but worth the read I promise!~

I'm so excited to share this post!!
Our story is anything but normal...and I wouldn't change a thing about it!
Ted & I met in High School.
I was a Sophomore and he was a Freshman. (1998)
We were both in Marching Band ;-)
I was on the Pom Pom squad and he played the drums.
We rarely interacted, but we knew who each other was and had mutual friends.
Anyway ~ I knew who Ted was. He knew who I was. And that was it.
High School ensued, I dated another guy from Junior year until Sophomore year in College, and Ted went on to his apprenticeship for his job.
Now all this time passed without Social Media, cell phones (like they are now) and what not. So keeping in touch with friends from high school meant calling them and making plans to get together, which I did with my close group but that's about it.
Fast forward to 2010.......
I was living with my then boyfriend (we will call him XJ)
And Ted was living with his then girlfriend
Ted bought a house down the street from where I was living with XJ.
He lived there for a year before we realized we knew each other.
One day, in November of 2010 he was walking his dog Jake down the street and I was outside washing my car in the drive way.
He stopped in front of the house and kinda shouted "Hey, are you Tiffany"
And I was like, umm yeah...and then noticed who he was...
We stood there and caught up for a minute rather quickly, he told me his ex just moved out and we kinda chatted a bit about how cool it was that we were neighbors and I suggested we all hang out some time.
(Hah that makes me laugh now)

We became Facebook friends about 3 days after that.
We would wave to each other as he drove down the road etc.
Skip ahead to February 2011 - February 11th to be exact.
I believe it was a Friday. I was home waiting for my XJ to get home from work and when he walked in he said something along the lines of "we need to talk" and then said a bunch of irrelevant BS to me  and basically told me to get out. Like, THAT NIGHT.
So HYSTERICALLY crying, I packed a bag and headed to my parents.
He told me he would leave the house Saturday with the dogs so I could get my stuff....
So I went back and Ted saw me moving out and seemed bummed that we wouldn't be neighbors anymore. (little did he know)
So, I move back home with all my crap that consumed a house for over 4 years into my childhood bedroom with a pregnant cat. #amen
Ted and I talked a little bit about what happened via Facebook, he mentioned that he would try to "talk to" XJ if he saw him and tell him he made a mistake.... HAHA
Ted & I began playing the game "Words with Friends" on our iPhones and began messaging each other via the game. One day I asked him for his cell number (don't remember why) but I was feeling bold apparently.
I texted him, and then we kinda just began texting on and off.
We then met up at a bar with a bunch of friends each and all hung out together.
2011 at Ted's house
Things were going great! I really started to like him...
We would text and get dinner and walk on the beach with the dog and stuff.
Then on April 11th, my dad passed away.
My world stopped. Everything I knew stopped.
He decided to let me be and give me space. It was an awful time in my life. And all I really wanted was him. He felt like my only positive. He kept me going. He listened when I needed to talk, comforted me when I needed to cry, sat there silently with me when words just couldn't be spoken. He got it. He was amazing.

This was right before 4/11

**I'll never forget him telling me he would come to my dads viewing to pay his respects and then leave me to be with my family, but he in fact stayed from start to finish until I drove off with my brother and then came to the church service and funeral and repast AND helped my uncles clean up afterwards**  

We officially became "boyfriend & girlfriend" (hello 7th grade) on May 1st 2011 on the top of a lighthouse a few towns away... I told him this set the bar high for when he proposes to me.

On the top of the lighthouse with my boyfriend! haha
He said he wanted to wait until April was finished because I kept saying how much I hated April and how bad of a month it was. 
My gramma passed in April, two friends, and now my Dad.
(this comes in to play for our engagement)

We dated for almost two years before he proposed to me. We did so many fun things and went to so many fun places together. 

Friends Wedding where we first said I LOVE YOU

Summertime 2011

Fall 2011

My cousins wedding December 2011

Polar Bear Plunge 2012

Concert - summer 2012

Latitudes - Summer 2012

Toby Keith concert

Spirit of NJ/NY for Ted's Bday

Car Show - PA

Dads car & my car

Dep Leppard/Poison concert

Apple picking

Devils game - it was SO cold

Then in April of 2013 we took a ride to the beach to walk the dog, as we ALWAYS do so this wasn't anything odd. We got out of his truck and headed up fisherman's walkway, again, as usual. He seemed to stop and read the signs that tell you what plants are near the dune, and what animals can be seen in that area and I was like "what are you doing?! since when do you care about that??" Turns out he was waiting for the older couple to get out of the way...
We got to the end of the walkway (which ironically was destroyed from Sandy)
He said something along the lines of "remember how I owe you a Valentine's Card?"
(because he didn't get me one, and I was pissed haha)
And I said something like yes I do you brat and then he said well, and started to pull the ring box out of his pocket and got on one knee... He said so many sweet things and asked me to marry him. I said yes a million times, got on my knee at one point and we both cried.

Happiest day of my life!

He told me he wanted to ask me on our 2 year anniversary but decided to change the way I felt about the month of April by giving me a good memory. So sweet.
We told everyone, went out to dinner that night with both our families and were just completely enamored in love and happiness.

The day we got engaged, before we headed to the beach!

Watching my sexy surfer boy

Friends Wedding at a Winery


Summertine Shenanigans

We got married in September 2014 and went to Aruba on our Honeymoon...



The Ritz Carlton randomly handed out fresh watermelon on the beach  IT WAS HOT!

Snorkeling in Aruba

Headed home from our Honeymoon
We are currently selling the house we live in, which by the way, is still on the same road as XJ - luckily we are cordial and it's not AS awkward as it could be...but trust me, I'm done with that little situation....
Until then, we are just living the dream....

I told you it was long, but it's really hard to shorten it without leaving out any good parts!
I'm excited to read everyone's stories!!
I love LOVE Stories!



  1. It is such a small world! Do you now live on that same street? That is really sweet he wanted to make a happy memory in April.

  2. I love the photos from your engagement!
    Hope you're enjoying being newlyweds :)

  3. What a small world living on the same street? Guess things were meant to be :)