Monday, February 16, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions ~ February

 Teaming up with Heather and Elizabeth to share my "darkest secrets"...  
One would think it would be hard to top hiding laundry in the car and a yodel binge, from last month, but rest assured, I have done just that.
Thankfully I am one to completely own up to my own shenanigans, therefore I will share with you my mid-month confessions...
Here Goes:
  • The laundry situation has not gotten easier. I figured, it was up there last month in my confessions and thought I'd let you know that it's still completely out of control. I'm accepting the fact that I'm a hot mess, and it's not going to ever NOT be piled up. I'm totally working on it though.

  • I was obsessively watching the weather app on my phone checking EVERY glimmer of a chance for snow. I don't hate my job, but I'm not a fan of working in general. (hah) Unfortunately, we haven't had any snow to give us a snow day or delay, but I'm still hopeful!

  • I had shingles last Spring.  On my face. Yup 31 years old, shingles. It was actually a total nightmare. I went to the Dr. for what I thought was an infection of some sort. They said it was an infected zit or, "a zit gone wrong". Now, I don't get "zits". Occasional minor break-outs but nothing that stands out on my face like this did. They gave me an antibiotic. Well that didn't work and two days later once my whole face swelled up and I got another "spot" I went BACK to the doctor. They then said it was something else, and I totally forget what it was called, but of course, it wasn't that either. So they gave me MORE antibiotics that when I went to the Pharmacy to pick it up, the pharmacist said to me 'This is very VERY strong, you need probiotics as well" so I told her I was taking this on TOP of another antibiotic and she was like ABSOLUTELY NOT. So that's when I stopped taking it all, and made an emergency apt. with my dermatologist. She walked into the room and was like, "you have shingles" So there it was. 
I looked like a cling on. My eyes were swollen, my face, the bridge of my nose...I had these big "pox" on my forehead... It was a grand old time. She gave me anti-viral medicine and a cream to put on and I was good to go. I have one scar from the initial "pox" that showed up but not sign otherwise. NOW - this is a "confession" because two nights ago, I noticed something that resembled the pox on the opposite side of my forehead (Shingles attacks one side only) and literally LOST MY MIND. I cried, I was like nooooooooooooooo. I began thinking myself sick. I googled whether or not shingles can come back within a year. Obsessively was touching it and looking at it. Racking my brain to think if I bumped my head or hit it with my flat iron. Nothing. Thankfully, it's going away... and it's probably nothing. But man, I seriously pulled the hypochondriac card there for a minute.

  • I've been noticing lately, that I literally give myself JUST ENOUGH time to get ready and out the door for work. I have to be at my school at 6:55am. I leave the house most days at 6:35, stop at Quick Check then head off to work which is about 15 minutes away. I get to the parking lot at 6:55 if I'm lucky, and swiftly walk in to sign in. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the fact that I'm not a fan of work, but either way, I COULD get moving earlier, I just choose not to. Ted gets up for work at 5am. His alarm goes off around 4:35 and he hits snooze and then gets up to shower around 4:55/5:00. I usually get up and make his lunch if I didn't do it the night before, and then get back in bed. Because why stay awake when I can sleep for an additional 20 minutes. Thursday & Friday I didn't go back to bed. And I really enjoyed taking my time to get ready and get out the door. I got to work early and didn't have to rush. So maybe I'll keep that up :)
How true right?!
  • I feel like I'm not alone in this next confession...Just about every day after work I have this little "routine". I get home, obnoxiously speak to my animals (see below). I let the dog out, hang my coat up, put my purse in its "spot" and go to my bedroom to get changed into sweats and comfy socks and a big hoodie. I basically commit to staying home for the rest of the day. Mind you, this is typically only a winter thing because I can't get enough of the outside when it's warm out...but even then I throw on yoga pants and a long shirt haha... anyway.... I commit to the lazy. I mean, I still cook dinner and what not, tidy up a bit if I need to definitely do laundry and hang with my hubs.
This is hysterical #truth

  • I speak to my pets (2 cats and a dog) like a complete goofball. AND - I answer for them in a different voice. Heather mentioned this last month, and I literally laughed out loud and said how happy I was that I wasn't the only one out there who did this. For example, when I come home I walk in the door and say things like: "Where are mommies babies? Where's my little stink bugs? Where are my stinky peanuts"
    And then once I see them I say (in "their" voices) "Hi mommy I missed you all day"
    Or if I see my little cat, Tessa, and shes sleeping, I go up to her and get in her face and say "hi little mama I missed you all day" and then say "leave me alone I'm sleeping"
    Yup. I'm that lady. Hey I love my fur babies, what can I say :)

I'm excited to read everyone's confessions!
I'm off from work today in recognition of our great Presidents.
Enjoy if you are off as well....I know I will!

Come back tomorrow to hear the crazy story of how I met my Hubby
& our journey to Marriage!!



  1. I love these, thanks so much for linking up! I'm 100% guilty of the great laundry pile-up, the sweatpants afternoon routine, and talking to my dog in a goofy voice. You are not alone girl! :)

  2. That sweatpants ecard cracked me up!! Oh so true. I'm gonna say (and hope) it's a winter thing, because it is SO hard to justify putting on real clothes right now! Also love that I am not alone in the talking to my animals thing. And that they talk back to you too. ;) haha... I mean I think they appreciate it, right?! Hope you get your snow day SOON! Going to work when you know there are people enjoying a day off is just no fun. Thanks for linking up, Tiffany! I always love reading your confessions!