Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by unfortunately, but we had lots of fun! 
On Friday night we went out to dinner with our good friends Doug and Kate. 
We stopped at a local liquor store that was having a "tap take over" by Ted & Dougs favorite brewery and got some beer. While we were there, there was a rum sampling going on as well. So naturally I bought a bottle. I mean, small family business (win) crafted in St. Kitts (win) AND he signed my bottle.  Lol

We went to... Houlihan's! One of our absolute faves. I usually always get the buffalo chicken sandwich, and Friday night was no different. We did however try a new appetizer... Their salsa cruda bruschetta. O. M. G. It was DELICIOUS!!

It was toasted baguette topped with olive oil, fresh garlic, salsa cruda, herb cream cheese, fresh basil and grated Romano cheese.  I could eat that every day. Yum!
After dinner we went home and watched the Devils game... 
Saturday, Ted got up for work and I got up at 5:15 with him. I layed in bed watching Sean's season of The Bachelor on my iPad (#imaloser) and cleaned the house a bit then took a ride to my favorite market, Delicious Orchards, with my mama. We got lots of fresh stuff and then headed to lunch at Brickhouse Tavern. 
Mom got a cheese steak and I got a turkey club. 

Once lunch was finished I dropped mom off and headed home. I grabbed an iced caramel latte from Starbucks and then relaxed with my hubby. The temperature only got up to like 23° so it was brutally cold. 
We got ourselves up and out around 8:30 to see a friends band play about 40 minutes from where we live. We had a blast! It's been a while since we went out late like that (what's up old married couple) and we were super excited that our favorite band was playing two blocks away. So inbetween sets of the one band, we went to see Katfish Lucy! 

The beverage of choice for the evening 
Heading in to the show. 
FREEZING our butts off on the way to see Katfish!
Silly and tired at 1:30am!
We crashed hard when we got home and woke up Sunday seriously craving pork roll. I think it's a Jersey thing to want pork roll after drinking beers all night...  
So we went to our favorite bagel place to satisfy our craving. 

I had a pork roll and cheese on an egg everything bagel and Ted had the same on a pizza bagel. What a way to jump start the morning!
It just so good...
We headed to PetSmart for some supplies for our fur (and scaly) babies. 
Hit up Target for some essential and Starbucks... 
I'm excited to dive into Sean's book! 
Un~stopables were on sale and are currently helping my towels smell fabulous! And an iced mocha for a mid afternoon pick me up. 
On the way home we saw this flashy ride...
I pretended it was Scott Disick. It may have been. But there was no way of telling since all the windows were black.....
Ted went over to his parents to watch the Super Bowl with his dad and I headed to my moms for dinner. And that pretty much wraps up the weekend. It's cold. It's going to continue to be cold. And I'm going to continue to constantly be under a blanket! 
Have a fantastic week!
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