Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday Favorites - Just One

Friday Favorites!!
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Today I'm switching to serious mode.... 
My FAVORITE today is my Husband :)

I know everyone loves their husband (boyfriend/girlfriend/etc) but I really wanted to share why my husband is my absolute favorite. (I even engraved it on his wedding band "you're my favorite") It's not just typical reasons (I mean they are there, but it's so much more) you will read more about him and our story on Tuesday, but for now... 
A few amazing reasons why he is so special.
As you know, my dad passed away very suddenly in April of 2011. Ted and I had just started dating. My dads passing kind of put a pin in our relationship. But once we took that pin out, everything was just perfect. The first year without my dad was incredibly hard. My parents were high school sweethearts and still so in love. The kind of older couple people were jealous of. It was so hard for my mom. It was hard for me. And we needed each other. I had moved back home after breaking up with my ex of 6 years 2 months to the day prior to his passing. I had plans to buy a little house in the neighborhood and live there with a girl friend of mine....I had looked with my dad (he was a builder) we had one lined up. Had a plan. I was excited! But once that happened, I told my mom I would stay with her until I got married. There was obviously no reason for us to both live alone a few blocks away. And so with mama I stayed. Anyway... The first of everything was so hard. I wanted to be close to my mom. I didn't want her to hurt. But it was also the first of everything between Ted and I. Our first New Years, he came to my house with his(our) dog and we hung out with my mom. Our first Valentine's Day (my moms first without dad) he came over and cooked and brought my mom and I flowers and candy and a card each. He always included her. Always invited her out with us. Came to my house to watch tv with her and I even though he owned his own home and lived 20 minutes away. And when I went to his house I left at 7:30 to be home with mom and go to bed with her. We had gotten into a routine of heading upstairs and I'd shut her light off and say goodnight. The night time was very hard for her. It stl is at times. And knowing that my being there made it even the slightest bit easier, was important. So he was completely ok with me leaving early. He accepted it. He got it. He knew it was hard for both of us and that we needed that and to go through that together and heal together. And he supported it and then some. 110%. 
God couldn't have placed a more perfect man in my path. We are coming up on 4 years of being together, 4 years since my dad has been gone and 5 months of marriage. He is still very much the considerate, selfless, huge hearted man I fell in love with. And although we are married now and my mom lives by herself, he gets that I still want to include her in our life. That is why we are selling our house, so we can move into her (my childhood) neighborhood (which coincidentally my brother and his family and about 12 aunts/uncles/cousins live in too) which he wants to 100% anyway (hello waterfront community). 
So when he said to me, "what are me you and mom doing Saturday?" I smiled real big at him. He knows that it's important to me to at least ask her to join us. Even though it's our first V day married. He just knows. And she is better now and has lots of friends. But he knows I hurt for her and want to always make her feel included. She's my best friend. We are SO close. And Ted is close to her too. And I love that.  He's the most amazing person I've ever known. I'm so lucky to have him asy husband and "do" life with him. So this Friday, I celebrate my favorite man. My husband. 
Thank you for letting me share this with ya'll. I know it's not the typical "Froday Faves" but it needed to be said.

Have a great weekend friends! 


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