Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is it spring break yet?

Counting Down to Spring Break!!!!!!
So funny to think about what Spring Break means now vs. what it was in my late teens/early 20's and what it actually meant then & what it means now.
Then: A week of partying that I saved my paychecks for to blow on whatever I wanted.
Oh to be young, not own a home and be carefree! haha
Now: It's a break from the day to day 6am-6pm life.
Not having to set my alarm for 5:30am
And a chance to catch up on things like laundry, the book I've been putting off, painting projects and things that any adult/homeowner/wife looks forward to when they get a free break from work! haha
So much different than what it was years ago......
Not saying I was a crazy party girl, but I did go to Daytona Beach one year...
It's surely something I look forward to each year about this time because school gets to be so crazy. Middle school kids are crazy enough without being stuck inside, and state testing, and exams etc. etc. etc. ~ I can't wait for our break.
Ted & I have been going back and forth with what to do on my spring break from school.
We considered going to visit his family in Florida...
road tripping to New Hampshire/Maine
Read all about this place here

(but warm weather is more appealing when it's cold where you live)
I mentioned going to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, because who doesn't love wall to wall chocolate and a tour of how it's all made!?
We thought out going to Texas
We thought about jetting off to an island.
Then we said we might wait to go on a vacation until we celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary and possibly go with our best friends who will also be celebrating their 1 year anniversary around the same time.
What to do. What to do.
If we wait, we would go back to Aruba or possibly the Bahamas.
Personally, with all this frigid cold weather and snow lately, I'm just in the mood to go ANYWHERE!!
Who is going away for Spring Break or just a vacation in general??
Any suggestions?
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites

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  1. I'm dying for a great vacation. Have fun!!! Anywhere warm sounds good to me!!