Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ My Groundhog Day

Linking up with Andrea ....

When I think about one specific day I could re-live over and over again, several come to mind. It's hard to chose one because there are definitely a good 3-5 days I'd want to happen ever day of the year. So I'm going to mention those couple because, this is my blog and heck, I do what I want! :)
The first is definitely...
My wedding day!!
More here
My brother walking me down <3

Husband & Wife

It really does FLY by. I wish I could do it two more times to really make sure I took it ALL in.
Everything about our wedding day was amazing.
The next day would be... 
The day we got engaged!
The Proposal
My beautiful ring

 Ted & I took a ride to the beach like we always do, to walk the dog.
It was perfect in every way and a total surprise.
I'll be linking up with Lisa from Showered with Design to share all the fun details about my wedding just as soon as I get my photos back digitally!!
Whenever we watch a movie, or I hear of another couple getting engaged, I talk to Ted about the day we got engaged. I ask him if he was nervous, what he was thinking, all kinds of stuff.
It was such a special day in both our lives and truly one of my most favorite.
The third one involves my dad....

It really isn't any particular day, just any day with him really.
As you may or may not know, my dad passed away very suddenly in April of 2011.

I didn't get to say good-bye, I didn't get to say I love you one last time.
It was tragic and sudden and I still hate it every damn day.
I wish I could relive the day we got my bugeye running. 

I wish we could relive my first nephew being born to see his smile at having a grandson. 
I wish I could relive the day he met Ted. The one and only day he met Ted, and let him know that he's amazing. 
(And part of me truly believes my dad brought Ted to me in a way)
Him and my mom were soul mates, high school sweethearts and had the kind of love for each other after 30+ years of marriage that so many people envy.
He was an amazing dad. We had so much fun together.
He was an amazing man. 
I miss him dearly

I think I'll stop at 3 

Happy Tuesday! 
(I had a delayed opening!)



  1. I love your veil! I am looking forward to when we get to share the stories of how we met our spouse and got engaged. It looks like you and your dad had a lot of great memories together. The perfect day to repeat over and over hands down would be one with our loved ones.

    1. I'm looking forward to that one too!! And thank you about the veil, it was my moms that she wore when she married my dad so it was extra special :)

  2. Beautiful day's. Your Dad is smiling down on your life now :) Visiting from the link up.

  3. Those sound like a couple of really awesome days! I love the pictures from them. Your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. These are all wonderful days to relive :)