Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend wrap up - is it spring yet?

I know I'm not alone when I say I am sooo over the winter! I miss riding bikes and taking walks. It's just so dang cold out! 
That being said, my weekend was totally boring. 
Friday after work I went out for drinks with co-workers to celebrate our friends resignation/moving on to bigger and better things! 
Then headed home and whipped up a deliciously healthy supper for Ted and I..
Naan bread "pizza"
I just got a package of naan bread and seeded and sliced up grape tomatoes, crushed up some fresh garlic threw a few pieces of fresh mozz and some fresh basil a drizzle of evoo and voila! In the oven til it browned up. Sooo good. Paired it with a big salad and a glass of wine! 
Saturday Ted had to work so I cleaned the house as per usual. This guy slept. 
 I got a bunch of things done I had been wanting to. I got a new pillow for our bed...

It says "Love you forever" 
I can't wait to move and have a nice master that I can get pretty bedding that matches everything! But for now, I like our quilt :)
I also got a lamp for my kitchen and am LOVING the extra light AND the cuteness. 

It's such a dark corner. I love it now. 
Saturday night we went to..... HOULIHANS for dinner with my in laws. Everything was delish as usual. And then we headed to see our favorite local band play. 
Ahhh. I love them!! 

Sunday I went to church with my mama. Then we hit up OBCO's donuts... 
They are a little tiny shop that has been around forever and they make THE BEST donuts! 

I headed home to get to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner.  I told my mom I was cooking Sunday dinner but was bringing it to her house. So that's what I did. I made stuffed peppers (recipe soon) and a chocolate cream pie for dessert. 
These are SO good!!
Then I whipped up the pie....

I love fresh whipped cream.... just whipping cream, a tiny dash of vanilla and a little powdered sugar to sweeten it up..........mix mix mix YUM!

I do a little shaved Hershey chocolate on top of the pudding
Then plop on the whipped cream, lots of fresh chocolate shavings and a Hershey square!
It was divine.

After that we headed home and got ready for the work week.
Aren't we the most fun people on earth! haha
How was your weekend ?
I'll leave you with this Aruba pic and cute pic I found on my computer....

Have a great week friends!!

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