Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Well isn't that hairy....

So I was sitting here looking through my Facebook page and clicked back through my profile pictures, and some old pictures and started to notice how drastically different I've had my hair throughout the years...
When I was little I always had long hair to my mid back I guess.
When I was a Junior in high school I chopped my hair off to about my shoulders, and for me that was huge. Then senior year I cut it drastically short. Like, crying in the Sterns bathroom because I impulse chopped it at the mall one day, short.
But, as hair does, it grew out and all was right in my world again.
So today I'm going to share with you some of my different hair styles.
I've been contemplating cutting it again, but my husband likes it long.
When we met, it was short, but once we got engaged, I began seriously growing it for my wedding up-do. (seems legit, right?)
Ok...here is my disclaimer before you go ANY further...
I was young in a lot of these pictures, and single.
Evidently I enjoyed the duck face and selfies so judge if you must.... (lol)
Long Hair - Like super long to down under my boob
And then I had bangs cut into my hair....and hated it.
(That's my friend "Jersey Amanda")
I actually remember this picture being taken before heading over to the Seaside St. Patrick's Day parade...
Then I got obsessed with a spiral curling iron and did this on the regular.
Like, woke up a half hour early JUST to do my hair this way...
It was also white blonde at the time..  
Then I chopped it off because.... I was sick of "doing" my hair. 
This was fresh out of the salon. Chop Chop and some lo-lites and I was a new woman.
I personally LOVE my hair like this.
*please note my adorable San Antonio shirt*
Here is another angle of the short 
Then summer rolled around and I bleached the ever loving out of my poor hair. 
Once it grew out a bit, I put a million layers in it, and kept the bleach blonde look going 

Then I became obsessed with scrunching it and putting TONS of product in my hair...
And another awkward duck face
Once I got sick of that look, I chopped it up again, used styling wax on the daily, had a weird bang and did super dark lo-lites.
I had a love/hate relationship with this style.
That's why there aren't a lot of pictures of it.
*And my adorable nephew who is now 5 1/2 !*
-San Antonio Shirt again..... I told ya'll I love Texas!!!
I was Lady Gaga for Halloween in 2010...  
...but that's a wig, EVERYONE thought it was my real hair. Haha
And I was Little Red Riding Hood in 2009 I believe that was...  
....but that is a wig too.... Same thing though, everyone thought it was real.
*Hi Lauren, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas*

These days I keep it simple....
Flat iron or barrel curling iron.
It's long now. And I'm really thinking I might chop it off for the summer...
Ted would be upset thought - what's with men and long hair!?
This was this past summer
And this is my other obsession, WAVES! But currently, my wave iron is missing!  
I think I left it at my Moms house...
Lets talk about this photo for just a sec... That is my co-worker/friend.
We were at our co-worker/friends Wedding.
There is a LONG story behind this, but it's pretty funny...and involves a Chocolate Fountain....or lack there-of might I say.
And don't you love the shoes I picked up in between church and the reception?
$6 at Boscovs because my shoes were absolute misery !
This is Texas Amanda, the day before my wedding, dropping off stuff at the venue!!
Hair was freshly hi-lited and long :) 
This is another of the wave iron hair style pulled back a bit, but I love this dress and this pic of me and my sweet mama from my bridal shower :)
And this is my super awesome desk at work and a typical "work" hairstyle...  
The waves are pretty popular lately huh...  
Hubby & I at a winery this Fall

 Long and dirty blonde.... So boring! Hahah
The short style was so fun wasn't it ??
The most recent, from last weekend....
Well that was either extremely entertaining or incredible boring for ya'll to read.
But it was somewhat of a "thinking out loud" thing for me...
Why are women so obsessed with hair?
If it's short we want it long.
If it's long we want it short.
If its straight we want curls, and if its curly we want straight!?
Have a wonderful day!

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