Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up ~ hockey snow and food

What a weekend! 

We had so much fun. 
We ate a bunch of amazing food. 
We had a fabulous time at the Devils game! 
And we tried a new donut place ln town!

First up... This amazing shot from our wedding.  I love it. 
Friday at work was college sweatshirt day. UPenn is one of my favorite colleges because we got VERY good news from there last year. 
It was 5° on Friday. All day. #frozen
I came home from work to see this cutie getting weird with Jakes snow towel. I love her though she's just so cute. 

Saturday we had a busy day planned. 
We got up and had breakfast...
And these are the amazing donuts we had. The place is called:
Go Nutz 4 Donuts 
They were amazing. 
Ted and I split each one. In one sitting. 
Yes folks, we ate all 6 in like 10 minutes. 
Flavors from left to right top:
Fruity Pepple, Apple Crumb, Maple Bacon
Bottom: Black Raspberry Jelly, Bavarian Cream, Cinnamon Sugar.

They were so good. Like. Insane. 
Then we got ready for the rest of the day. As we were leaving the snow began. We were expecting about 5 inches near home but we were headed north. This was the parkway about 20 minutes in. It was awful. Thank God for 4 wheel drive. 
This was an interstate road in north jersey... Pretty, but scary. 
Then we got to the restaurant we were headed for. 2 hours later, but so worth it. 
The place is called Clover Leaf Tavern. It's absolutely AMAZING.  
Below is the appetizer we shared:
Ham and smoked Gruyere cheese stuffed mushrooms ~ I didn't care for the extreme smokiness. But they were delicious. 
I had the short ribs over mashed potatoes with Guinness brown gravy. All scratch made. All absolutely out of this world. 
Ted had the smokehouse burger. I had zucchini, chipotles, cilantro, bacon, the kitchen sink... OMG awesome burger. 

He also had one of their specialty beers exclusive to this place from our favorite brewery by us. Overall amazing experience. Then we bundled back up and headed to the truck... 
I saw this and chuckled...
My view from inside the truck. Poor Ted was covered in snow after clearing it off. 
The roads were atrocious. And now it was dark making it so much worse. 
We paid $30 to park right across from the arena and slushed through the snow smacking us in the face to get into the building. #blanketscarf
Yay! Decent seats for the upper level and such a great game. 
During the first intermission I scoped out the roads. Still terrible. I said to ted we had to brace ourself for a bad, long ride home. And that it was indeed...
The Devils Win!!! Awesome game. 
Me rocking my blanket scarf at the game
#hugedork #keptmewarm
Love this guy. 
The parking lot was a MESS. And so was the truck. Ted got soaked again. Poor guy. 
Laughing at the crazy snow. 
The horrific ride home. So so scary. 
Again. Amen for 4x4
We couldn't believe that the turnpike and the parkway (NJ's two most major roads) were so so soooo bad. Not cleared or salted at all. 

It took us about 2 hours to get home Saturday night. It was awful.
Sunday we hit up Home Depot and fixed up a few things around the house and went to dinner at Ted's parents house.
What a weekend!
** Please say a prayer for my brothers sweet pup Cooper... He hasn't been doing too well lately**

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