Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ Texas Edition

One of my very favorite places to visit is San Antonio, Texas.
So I'm linking up with a few Texas girls today for Friday favorites!
My very best friend in the world, Amanda, lives there.
I go at least once a year, sometimes twice.
My favorite things to do there is eat!
The restaurants are just so amazing!!
So my Friday Favorites for today is all about Texas!!
First up:
The Riverwalk!!!!!!
They have this awesome boat ride that you can take as a tour or to get from one place to another.

This place is amazing.
It's kind of underground, but not - it's just so amazing and so much fun.
There are so many things to look at and so many places to eat or grab a drink and shop.
Rita's on The River is one of my absolute faves that I MUST visit when I go there...
They have the big margaritas with the beer bottle in them....
And some dang good chips and salsa!!  
My next favorite Texas MUST is...
I go there EVERY time! And each time I swear I'm going to buy cowboy boots, but never do.
I love everything about this store and secretly want to be a cowgirl each time I'm there...
The third Texas Favorite is...
The North Star Mall
I mean, yeah it's pretty much just a mall, but they have lots of stores we don't have in Jersey AND - they have the huge cowboy boots out front!!
Another store I love, which may seem odd, is HEB!
I love their grocery store!
Call me weird, but I love that place (I even have a shirt that says so!)
They have so much fun stuff and their food selection is awesome.
Much better than NJ
I guess everything is bigger in Texas huh!?
And my 3 favorite restaurants are:
When we go here we always order queso to eat with our house made warm tortillas that they give you upon arrival. I usually order their flautas because, OMG, they are fabulouse!
This place is amazing. Awesome steaks, great Shiner Bock bread, just all around delicious and worth the 30-45 minute wait we usually have to wait.
This place is somewhat new to my Texas eatery list.
What sucked me in was their desert.
I mean.....
Triple Chocolate Pizookie....

One of the things I love most about Texas is that everyone is so friendly.
And they are so proud of their state. Everyone flies a Texas flag, or has a Texas sticker on their car. One time I was there, the Miller Lite bottle even had a Texas logo on it that said "True to Texas" ~ So awesome.
It's the little things isn't it.
 And last but not least is...
Not these guys....
(Although they are pretty nice to look at...)
I'm talking about Cowboys Dancehall

We go here to line dance and watch their house band.
It's so fun for me, being a Jersey girl, to be in such a drastically different environment.
Going out where I'm from is almost always somewhere near or on the beach.
Usually muscle head guys or people done up to impress one another...
In Texas, its all very real. Lots of cowboys and cowgirls.
People are so proud. It's so cool.
I guess that goes for anywhere though really when you think about it.

But I would honestly have to say, the number 1, most important, MOST FAVORITE thing about Texas.... San Antonio of course, is my best friend Amanda.
We have maintained our friendship of over 25 years as "long distance" for at least 17 years now with not problems!
I love her like a sister.

Happy Friday Ya'll




  1. Okay, as a Texas girl transplanted in Germany you really hit the nail on the head. So many great places! San Antonio is home to some of the best food around. It's all about the queso and salsa! Next time you are at Salt Grass ask for cinnamon butter with your bread basket! Delicious...

  2. I have always wanted to go to Texas and this is just making me want to go even more! Thanks for sharing your faves.

  3. I'm a Texas gal, and its a great place to call Home!!

  4. Loved your post on my Favorite state! I live in Texas and could not image living anywhere else. Next time you are in San Antonio you should go to a Spurs basketball game. They are great!