Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baked Beans - The multifunctional side dish

Beans Beans Beans.....
Some people love 'em,
Others hate 'em
I'm a lover.....with exception
They have to be doctored up and baked low and slow

So here is what you're gonna do:
Pre-heat the oven to 350*
(Full Recipe Below)
I start off with Campbells Pork & Beans

Just open them up and dump them into a pyrex

Then dice up an onion

Next, squirt on some ketchup & mustard
*I sometimes use dry mustard*

After than, sprinkle on a liberal amount of brown sugar (light or dark)

After all the "ingredients" are in the pyrex, stir stir stir!!

Place in pre-heated oven for 1 hour or until edges begin to brown and the bean mix is all bubbly and gooey and delicious looking!
Remove from oven and let stand about 5-7 minutes

Serve these right from the Pyrex dish!

My apologies for the google images - I wasn't planning on blogging this, so I didn't take pictures the night I made them. Google to the rescue.

So here is the Full Recipe:

3-4 cans of Campbell's Baked Beans
1 medium onion, diced
1/4 cup of ketchup
3 Tablespoons mustard
1 cup brown sugar

Pre-heat oven to 350*
Pour beans into a medium pyrex dish. Add the diced onion, ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. Stir and incorporate well. Place in preheated oven uncovered for an hour to an hour and a half. Let stand before serving.
I make baked beans all summer long.
I pair it with scalloped potatoes and ham
I keep it simple with hot dogs and tater tots
They are a great side to bring to a picnic
(After you bake them, pour into a crock pot to keep warm)
You can add things to it like bacon, jalapenos, or pieces of ham
All together, it really jazzes up a can of beans and makes a delicious side.
I hope this changed your mind if you were a hater, and you give it a try!
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  1. Just saw your comment on my blog but I couldnt respond because you have the no-reply comment thing, so I couldn't reply directly. Luckily I found your blog tho! So glad that I'm not alone in my weirdnesses and that I've found another soul sister :)

    1. How the heck do I have a no-reply...hmm no clue :) hahah

  2. Yummy!!!! This sounds really good!!! <3