Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Things Party

Favorite Accessories

Linking up with Andrea & Erika to share my favorite accessories!!
I'm pretty boring in this department, but I do change it up on occasion.
In terms of jewelry, I wear the same stuff
I wear my wedding rings on my left and a Tiffany ring Ted gave me for Christmas a few years ago on my right ring finger.

I wear diamond hoop earrings that Ted gave me as well
Sometimes I wear bigger diamond hoops my mom gave me, but daily, its the ones from Ted.

I have a Pandora bracelet my dad gave me the Christmas before he died (2010) with 3 charms on it. I have since filled it up with beautiful charms and wear that every now and then. I also have a good amount of Alex and Ani bracelets too, but bracelets are tough to wear at work so I usually only wear them on weekends or to events and stuff.
I have about 3 necklaces I wear...
A diamond twist from Ted
A diamond cross from my Mom
A diamond heart from my Dad
and a long layered necklace thing...
So so so boring!!
Here's why:
In the late winter of 2009 - when I had moved back home briefly, I was at a viewing with my mom for a friend who lost her dad. MY dad was doing an estimate (he was a builder) up north somewhere. When mom and I got home, we saw that our house had been broken in to.
My room got completely ransacked. Everything was taken.
I had a big armoire full of all kinds of jewelry.
Lots of statement necklaces, bracelets, fun rings, lots and lots of earrings...
I had my grandmothers ring, and my dads mothers (who passed before I was born) wedding band. Lots of sentimental items.
They also took my lap top and dads computer and lots of other things....
It was devastating.
And since then, I refuse to have a lot of's horrible
My other favorite accessories are scarves.
I love scarves!
This winter, I got hooked on blanket scarves...
they are the best, so warm and cozy!
But I love allllll scarves....
One of my faves!

I love scarves and stripes
This one was super cozy all winter

I love the coral and teal mixed together - don't mind the silly pic :)
This one is wool loopy knit - love love love it

My other favorite accessory is my Barrington bag! 
Ted got it for me as a wedding gift with my new initials on it. 

And I just ordered myself a new one for summer:

I think I might spring for another one in the future... And this is what I have my eye on....

Last but not least... My Blardigan. 
Tessa loves it too. 
It's well worth the money. 
It's soft and comfy and warm. 
It's great to wear around the house or out paired with a cute top and leggings. 
Little snuggle cat
#mandastrong !

Have a fabulous week!
Stop by tomorrow for the weekend wrap up! 



  1. Your wedding ring is gorgeous! your Barrington bag...they seriously look like the perfect tote! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks! They are the best bag! I haul around so much stuff :)

  2. You have the best eye for scarves!! Love all those! But my very fave was your Manda shirt. ❤️❤️ Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks! I just impulse bought 4 more from Tara Lynns! Haha ~ happy to support your friend... my bff's name is Manda so it hit my heart <3

  3. Your rings are beautiful!! My heart broke for you when I read the story of what you went through in 2009. So sorry to hear about that! :(
    I'm a big scarf fan too! Love the looks you've created with your cute and cozy faves! ;) Have a beautiful week! xo - Brenda //

  4. Girl diamonds are never boring! Ha! Love your scarf collection and am feeling inspired to amp mine up. I am also feeling inspired to have a diamond necklace or three, but I think I'll start with the scarves. ;)

    1. Haha :) Go over to Tara Lynn's Boutique - they are having a 75% off ALL scarves until Saturday!! I just scooped up 4 for $19.99!! (use code: HAPPYFACE)

  5. You know I love your scarves! While I am not a big bag girl, I really want one of those totes!

    1. Spring for the bag! It's so durable and holds so much stuff! :)