Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

The last weekend in April - SERIOUSLY?!
Thursday night we went to a Mexican restaurant up near my mom that we love.
We both had enchiladas.
 On Friday after work - We made the executive decision to once again, eat Mexican for dinner...but at our favorite "Cali" style Mexican place.
I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but it was on Diners Drive-In's & Dives.
We had seen them on the show and saw that it was super closet to us, so one day about 4 years ago, we headed up there to give it a try.
Since the show, they've had tons of success and opened up 2 other locations and expanded the original one. It's seriously delicious. And they make the best margarita!
I got the Chicken Mole' Burrito
Ted got the Southwest Chicken Burrito
We shared chips and guac/salsa
It was amazing.
Here are some food pix from the internet since I didn't take any...
Smothered Burrito

Bueneallos (sp?)

Adobo Wings with Avocado Ranch

Pork Mole Platter
Then Friday night, we watched Fast & Furious (#4)
but we stopped halfway through so I could watch the Bruce Jenner special.
Saturday morning we got bagels from out favorite bagel place...
....then headed up to my moms for a little bit.
After that I whipped up some brownies for Ted's parents to have when they got home.
We went home and cleaned up a bit, and did some yard work.
Then headed to the movie theater to see Furious 7 again.
We're obsessed. I told you.
We had to kill time though because we had to go to the Newark airport to pick up my in-laws who arrived at 10:15pm
So we killed the later part of the evening with a movie :)
After the movie, we headed up to Newark to scoop up Ted's parents from Aruba.
lucky ducks... I'd live there if I could I swear.
I mean...
After they got to us, and we dropped them off and got home, it was 1:15am
Sunday was pretty low key...
Ted had softball and I did laundry...
We took a drive and enjoyed the nice weather then stopped by his parents to talk about their trip some more and visit with them a bit.
Then we headed to my moms for Sunday dinner with the whole fam.

All in all - pretty low key weekend but relaxing and fun at the same time.
Stop by tomorrow for another fun link-up and then Thursday for my What's Cookin' post....
I'm going to make Shay's Sweet Corn Chili with Turkey
Thanks Mix & Match Mama !
I might have to mix it up a bit since I'm not a big bean fan.... stop back and see
- Random Tid Bit -
Today 2 years ago, my sweet hubby proposed to me!
I can NOT believe that was 2 years ago!

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