Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Linking up today with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer for
"What's Up Wednesday"
I'll share my "What's Cookin' Wednesday" stop back!
What We're Eating This Week
Monday we did some grilling: Chicken and veggies
Tuesday we went out :)
Tonight I'm making Shay's Corn Chili (Recipe/details tomorrow)
Tomorrow we're taking my mom for Hibachi
Friday steaks or pork chops - we'll see ;)
What I'm Reminiscing About
I mentioned yesterday that it was the 2 year anniversary of when Ted asked me to be his wife. I can't believe we're coming up on a year being married. Time truly flies by.
from our engagement shoot :)
What I'm Loving
I'm loving the idea of starting a family.
I can't wait to enter into that next chapter of our lives.
I hope God hears our prayers and makes us parents soon because we are so excited.
What We've Been Up To
We really haven't been up to a whole heck of a lot.
The weather was nice for a hot minute, then got craptastic again.
We really just keep pushing the sale of our house and hunting for a new one.
We're both still hung up on new construction so will most likely go down that road.
Other than that, we're just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can get outside and do yard work and ride our bikes and enjoy it.
What I'm Dreading
May at work - It's a long month.
It's very busy with exams, state testing, end of the year stuff, meetings, and only one day off for Memorial Day. It sounds silly, but I'm not a fan.
What I'm Working On
I'm working on my patience when it comes to selling our house.
I'm so anxious to get out of it and into a new one.
Especially because we want to expand our family... I want to be settled and in a new home sooner than later... So, I am working on being calm about it all.
 But it's difficult...because I keep day dreaming... #sorrynotsorry
I dream about this kitchen!
What I'm Excited About
 The yacht club to get finished!
This fall will be 3 years since Sandy.
As much as I wish I could forget that awful storm, I never will.
We lost our yacht club
(t's hard to see in the picture, but it's completely destroyed. It was sinkning, the bayside wall was blown in completely. The entire place was flooded with over 6 feet of water.
It was awful.
My brother is a member, my mom, my uncles/aunts, lots of friends, lots of neighbors...
We all miss it dearly. It was a great place to go grab a drink (CHEAP) and bar pie and hang out with good friends. They host lots of fun events as well throughout the year.
We're all anxious for the return of our club!
The builders have been making lots of progress lately...
I'll post more pix when I see more progress!
What I'm Watching/Reading
 Typically I don't "watch" anything religiously except Wheel of Fortune (haha)
I follow American Idol, if I remember
I also kinda follow Teen Mom OG - again, if I remember
I just kind of peruse the HGTV channel and watch all those shows
I also watch the cooking channel.
I just don't regularly watch something to the point that I HAVE to see it.
I'm reading Sean Lowes book  - haven't gotten much into it yet, but excited about it!
What I'm Listening To
During the week, while I'm at my desk, I have Pandora on.
It's on shuffle and includes stations like this:
Bob Marley, Sounds of the Incas, Michael Buble, Todays Country...
I also have the Furious 7 soundtrack on my iPod which I listen to in my car.
What I'm Wearing
Work clothes. Blah.
I'm loving dropping coats and scarves and the bulk though.
I love capris and sanuks
But especially love maxi dress "season"
Looking forward to dresses and flip flops..
I just ordered this cute dress from Tara Lynns:
 What I'm Doing This Weekend
 A whole lotta nothin'
Honestly, I love not having plans. I'm sure my weekend will be full of lots of different things, but for right now - we have no concrete plans.
And I'm ok with that.
I'd like to go scope out the beach...
I seriously adore where we live....
What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
I'm looking forward to Mother's Day. I love celebrating my amazing mom.
She is my absolute hero.
We danced at my wedding to "Somebody's Hero" by Jamie O'Neal
I admire her strength
I have always looked up to her and wanted to be just like her.
She is amazing.
Dancing with my hero
Love Her

Bridal Shower
What Else Is New
It's pretty much the same story with me/us these days.
Selling our house.
Building a new one.
Waiting for the summer...
What I'm Getting My Mama For Mother's Day
I haven't QUITE decided on this just yet. 
 I thought about getting her a Barrington Tote - but I think it might be too big for her.
I also thought about taking her somewhere for the weekend...
Either way, she will know how much I love and adore her.
No gift could ever do it any justice.
She deserves the world...

Have a great day everyone - stop by tomorrow for a fun recipe!



  1. That maxi dress is too cute!!! Loving the kitchen! (We are renting right now and wanting to buy so bad- I totally feel you on that one!) Have a great weekend!

  2. Your menu for this week sounds delicious! We made chili last night. I wish we had Hibachi around here. I'm jealous! Also, that dress is really cute and I love the color.

  3. Love that new Maxi you bought! So cute! You & your mom are adorable!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!!! :)

  4. Ummmm I need to know where that beach is and how I can spend a weekend, or a week, at it!