Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

So here I am getting over bronchitis AGAIN!
I was out from work on Thursday and Friday because I was running a fever.
So I'm on antibiotics and steroids for my lungs. Crazy stuff. 
This weekend was a lot of fun actually. 
Friday after Ted got home from work we took a ride to see my mom. It was so warm out.
We grabbed a bite to eat at Chipotle with her then dropped her off.
Then we stopped to see Ted's parents before they jetted off to Aruba. (JEALOUS!)
Then we got ice cream at my faaaaavorite place! 
Saturday we headed to my moms to take a bike ride and hang out a bit.
We saw the progress of the yach club 
(so exciting!) 
This has been gone since Hurricane Sandy so this is VERY exciting progress!!
We headed home and got showered and ready to head down to Atlantic City.
I painted my nails a little funky...
We went to PF Changs for dinner and it was DELICIOUS!
I've never been there before, so I was super excited to try it out.
We had lettuce wraps for an appetizer and Ted had Pad Tai and I had Mongolian Beef.
*I didn't take pics at all down there and just focused on my hubby*
Googled image of lettuce wraps - yum!
After dinner we headed to the IMAX theater to see Furious 7
We are HUGE fans of this franchise
We own the DVD's for 1-6 and watch them often.
I've always loved these movies....and I totally got Ted into them.
We might be obsessed a bit, but just a little ;)
This movie was fabulous - a little obvious because of the past movies, but great.
The tribute and send off of Paul Walkers character was wonderful.
I teared up a bit, not gonna lie ;)
We headed home and crashed around 1am!
Sunday morning, I got up and scooped up my nephew for church.
Ted headed off to a double header softball game.
I love him so much
The rest of Sunday was pretty standard married couple boring stuff...
Our snake had a full shed - which is good in the snake world...means he's healthy :)
My mom had her friends over for lunch so she didn't make her normal Sunday dinner.
Ted and I stayed home and I asked him what he wanted...
He said Hot Dogs...Hahha
So we grilled up some hot dogs, had pickles and tater tots and baked beans!
I have to share my baked bean recipe...maybe Wednesday...its seriously delicious!
It involves brown sugar.... :)
Have a fabulous week!

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