Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Catching Up!

Wow what a break I had!
I mean, the weather was crappy except for one day. And I didn't leave my house much, but I had a fabulous time off. I seriously can quite easily be a stay at home mom when I have a baby or heck, a stay at home wife! Haha
I took half the day off the Thursday before Easter to get my hair done.
Usually I wouldn't do that, but I made my appointment last minute and that was all she had before leaving for 2 weeks for vacation, so I had to!
We went with my mom to Xina - which is freakin AMAZING before heading to Holy Thursday mass.

New Hair

I painted my nails a crazy pink color - cajun shrimp ....

Ted was off on Friday with me.
We had to take a ride out to western Jersey to sign a tax paper we forgot about.
We had some pasta Friday night and called it an early night.
Saturday I baked my ears off...

Chocolate Devils
Bundt Cake - with ganache before white icing and before the oven incident

We went to my cousins house for an "Easter egg and peep dipping party"
Then headed home to check on our pets, and scoop up what I made for the last Devils game of the season party (although it wasn't technically)
I made: Beer Bread, Jalapeno Popper Dip, Chocolate Devils, Ham & Cheese Pinwheels and Shay's Cadbury Egg Bundt Cake....
Saturday night we partied hard with our Devils family in our friends amazing Devils Den.
He is seriously a #1 fan for sure!! Haha

Go Devils!

Walking into the Devils Den

Our Crew
My Love

Then Easter Sunday was upon us.
I woke up late - and rushed around to get everything together for my Aunt's house.
I turned the oven on to pre-heat it to cook the pinwheels....
It beeps. It's ready.
I open the oven door.
There is my bundt cake.
I forgot that Saturday night I stuck it in the oven covered in plastic so the damn cat didn't eat the plastic wrap (she's so weird)
So I had to throw it away. I was so upset. I cried.
The house smelled like melted plastic. It was awful.
We had Brunch at my Aunts.
An Egg hunt at my cousins for the kiddos
Dinner at my in-laws
We were happy to be home early to chill after the 5 stops in 2 days!
And silly me - I didn't take ONE pic!

Monday through Friday was pretty low key.
I hung with my mama (who got an amazing new car!)

We discussed the possibility of going to Texas

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby with my friend Katie
I got a sweet care package from Manda in Texas
My two shirts from Tara Lynns came in!

Extra Long Tunic from Tara Lynns & my HUE Leggings from Nordstrom! (Thanks Sheaffer)
I made Chicken Pasta Primavera (Look for the recipe Thursday!)
I had lunch with my hubby - which I haven't done during the work week in over 3 years
I sifted through a bag of trail mix to feed a homely looking squirrel

This nutty guy...
I made a wreath

3 little birds <3
We had a house showing! (No Offer :( )
I made brownies that were exceptionally delicious
We fixed up my Bug Eye

We ate at our favorite Mexican place 10th Avenue Burrito
We went to Smithville for a car show with the whole family on Saturday

We went over our friends house Saturday night to watch another Devils game and my allergies were killing me. I snuggled with their pups

We took a drive Sunday to enjoy the sun (but it was still chilly)
A mama and papa duck
Had dinner at Mama's house Sunday
Got into bed early and ready to get back to the grind!

Lucky me - My hubby said he wanted to order in last night so I didn't have to cook!
We have dinner plans with friends tonight and tomorrow is one of the last 3 CCD classes of the year....Dinner with my in-laws on Thursday and then it's the weekend again!
Stop back tomorrow when I link up with Heather and Elizabeth to share my
"Mid-Month Confessions"
Have a great day!!

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