Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea & Erika for Friday Favorites!
I swear, the first week back from a break or vacation is the longest!
This Friday has no particular theme so I'm sharing my random favorites lately....
China Glaze nail polish
I had a coupon for our local beauty supply store for buy 2 get 1 free.
Let me just say I was pleased with this polish.
I usually only use OPI but I love these.
I got 3 colors:
  Ravishing Dahling, liquid Leather, diva bride
Now I make brownies ALL THE TIME.
I make a box and add a bunch of stuff to it
Usually I add chocolate syrup and mini chocolate chips
Shay adds butterscotch chips - and its funny, I always thought of adding them AFTER I've already made them... and never remember to do it.
So this past week - I whipped these up with butterscotch instead of mini chocolate chips
Let me just say they were DELICIOUS!
I mean - My brownies are usually always amazing and everyone loves them which is funny because it's just a box mix, but I love the butterscotch chips in it.
I made a sundae for Ted & I to share with ice cream and caramel and chocolate fudge
It was literally the best thing ever.
Go make these! They're amazing!!
A fabulous suggestion from fellow bloggers...
This brush swipes through my wet tangled hair like a dream!
My hair is long now, and never used to be so brushing it after the shower was always a nightmare. I love this brush! It truly works like it says it will.
So thank you girls for the awesome suggestion!
I love these shoes
I forget how much I love them each winter until I break them out in the spring
I have 3 pairs of the closed sandals
I have these on right now - SO comfy!
 A pair of the Yoga Slings
 and two pairs of flip flops
Ted has 3 pair of the closed sandals and a pair of flip flops
I'm sure that will grow this spring/summer
We just love these shoes!
It's what the groomsmen (&Ted) wore for our wedding!
They are the best!
Sunflower Seeds
I almost laugh at myself when I wrote that
Ted was moving firewood for my mom last weekend, and had a bag of ranch sunflower seeds from his softball game earlier. He threw a handful in his mouth and I was like hmm I wonder what they are like. So I took a few and was amazed that I like them.
Haha so now it's a new snack I'll grab when I'm looking for that salty delicious quick thing to munch on...even though I roughed up my tongue cracking them open.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. That brownie looks divine!! I will have to try making brownies that way sometime soon!

  2. I love sunflower seeds, but can't do the ranch for some reason...Those brownies look delicious!!

  3. I love the wet brush too!!! It's the best!

  4. I couldn't live without my wet brush!! My husband loves sunflower seeds, but I've never seen the ranch ones. I need to find him some! I'd win wife of the year :)

  5. That brownie looks so good!! Cute shoes, too!