Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday

What's In a Name!?
 Linking up with Andrea for this post...
Since I don't have any babies yet... I'm going to share how I got MY name, as well as how I named my pets AND - what I plan to name my future kids :)
My mom named me after a soap opera she watched when she was pregnant with me.
My dad wanted to name me Naomi - but my mom quickly veto'd that.
My middle name is after my moms mother.
Pretty simple and to the point.
I've had several cats and a few dogs throughout my life thus far...
Dog named Digger - because he dug holes in the yard all the time
Dog named Muffy - named her after my "Muffy" teddy bear
I had cats by the name of: Mylo, Kahlua, Scruffy, Crusty, Moony, Midnight, Roger, Cliff, Black & White, Peanut, Pumpkin...
*The last 4 my mom still has*
I had a dog with my ex named Butch, but he named him before I was in the picture.
Another dog with the ex I named Dixie.
Her name was Rose at the shelter, but Rose was most definitely NOT her name.
She is Dixie. I wanted a boy to name Toby after Toby Keith, but we got a girl puppy instead.
Dixie is the name of the daughter of Toby Keith in the movie "Broken Bridges"
That's how she got her name :)
Dixie on the left Butch on the right
Currently I have 2 cats a dog and a snake...
Our dog is named Jake - he was around before me, but his name was "Jacob" at the shelter.
Ted said Jacob was too formal so he made it Jake instead.
We often call him Jakey Boy or Bubba
And of course a bunch of random nonsense names like stink butt, puppy butt, bubby, lovey, boogie head, mommys stinker...etc.
Our snake is Tyler - He's a ball python, about 3 feet long
Ted got him when he was 15 so his name was picked out long before me.
Ted named him after Steven Tyler from Aerosmith though
I believe he said it looks like his spots on his skin say Ty somewhere...
I can't find a pic of him.... but he basically looks like this:
The two cats had their names before we got them as well.
Lilly was a little abandoned pregnant mess that I took in.
Her name fit her well so I didn't change it.
We call her Lilly Mama or Big Mama (for obvious reasons)
Tessa had her name in the PetSmart window when I first saw her and fell in love with her.
They asked when we adopted her if we were going to change her name....
I said no. She was a year and a half old. She knew her name by now.
So Tessa stuck.
We call her Tessa Mama or little mama
As for kids.... I've known for a while that I wanted my sons middle name to be after my dad.
Even before he passed away.
I had a discussion with him once about how I'd make his name my sons middle name.
His name is Francis (Frank) He was Frank the 3rd
My brother is the 4th and his son is the 5th
I told my dad I'd make Francis my sons middle name and he said, "No one calls me that, make it Frank instead" so Frank it will be.
As for the first name... Austin after Austin Healey
Austin Healey's are the little cars we have
So that's our plan...and Ted loves it
As for a girl.....that is to be determined...
It's crazy that as a parent, you get to choose a persons NAME!
So we will definitely give it a lot of thought when the time comes!!
See you tomorrow for What's Cookin' Wednesday!
*Crock Pot Stew*
Easy Peasy baked beans


  1. Aww your pup and your kitties are so cute! My husband and I have a dog, a hedgehog and a snake- also a ball python, but I'm not a huge fan lol. She was cute when we got her years a go, now she's so huge I don't even come near her haha :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  2. Love it!! My mom named me after the Waltons. Hahah! Too funny :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)