Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Come on in... Laundry Rooms

Linking up with Andrea, so come on in...
So there is absolutely NOTHING glamorous about my laundry "room" !
We have a converted garage that is now a "den" / "laundry room"
AND - since we are moving soon, there are lots of containers and things strewn about.
AND.... I just so happen to be "catching up" on laundry when I took these lovely pictures
So here is my cozy little laundry area which is a total mess at the moment..
This is the doorway to the den... blocked off so the dog can't get in but with a little doorway for the cats since that is where they eat and such...
My front loading washer and dryer stacked together....not my favorite but it works
Now this next picture is a real gem. It truly shows the chaos going on in this room. But like I said, we're moving, organizing, throwing out and what not. The baby gate behind the curtain is so my little cat doesn't go behind the water heater. Like I said, NOTHING glamorous about this space!! TOTALLY keeping it real.
Homegoods special! :)
And THIS is what you see when you look to the left - Tyler! Our 16 year old ball python. He shares the den space, along with Ted's surfboard rack & surfboards, his hunting cabinet and my overflow of kitchen appliances. More storage and a bigger kitchen are definitely on the new house list!
He's hiding to the left....

Since we are moving and I get to set up a new home, I hope to have a nice laundry room. So I pulled a few pictures of what my dream laundry room would be. And as I write this post I kind of laugh to myself about how obsessive women seem to be about having a fabulous place to do a chore. But it's who we are isn't it? The laundry room & kitchen are what matter most to me in a house :)

I love this idea of having it right there in the closet!


This looks so inviting! I love the craft station/laundry room combo!
Speaking of fabulous laundry rooms.....
Shay over at Mix & Match Family has a pretty awesome laundry space...
I love how she made it a combined office & laundry room.
Hopefully my next house will be something better to look at!
Stay tuned because that will be here sooner than later I hope!


  1. Stopping by from the link up! On a weekend, my laundry room looks the same with small piles everywhere!!!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. Nothing glamorous about mine either--but yours is more convenient, and you've got great machines :)
    I thought about painting the room just for the link up, but figured it would be a waste, haha.