Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Things Party ~ Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday! Heck, the entire Christmas season is my favorite. The lights, the trees, the smells, the cookies, the family time! Ahh It's the best! So today I'm sharing my favorite stocking stuffers under $10!
First of all - my adorable stockings from Pottery Barn are the best thing I ever bought.
Last year, once we were engaged ~ I bought one for each of us. Ted & Tiffany. This year, I bought two small ones, one for Jake (our pup) and one for "The Cats" for our little fur balls. They are just as cute.
Ok - On to my stuffers!!!
Russell Stover Chocolate Santas & Marshmallow Santas
These are staple Christmas chocolates.
They are ALWAYS in our stockings at my moms house and now, at our house.
My Dad Santa used to leave one of those mini foil covered solid Santas on my night stand or under my pillow when I was little and I thought that was the most amazing thing in the world. I didn't know how he snuck in to my room without me seeing him.
And the Marshmallow Santa was always in my stocking.... Sometimes two!
These are available at most stores and they have them at Hallmark as well.
Everyone loves it. Everyone needs it. And what better time to stock up than Christmas!
I'm a chapstick addict. I have them stashed everywhere.
So for me, this is truly a favorite!
iTunes Gift Cards
This is a more recent stuffer idea since the rage of iPhones and iPads and iEverythings.
I like to put a $5 - $10 iTunes gift card in Ted's stocking to purchasing songs, or apps or whatever he'd like on his phone, ipad or ipod.
Roll 'em up and stuff 'em down in the toe of a Christmas stocking!
Usually around Christmas time they go on sale for like 3 for $10
These are the best stuffer out there. I love gap socks.
I mentioned Gap Socks here and I will continue to love on them until the end of time!
They make a great little gift too!
Totes Mini Umbrella
These are great to shove in your purse in case the weather looks like it might rain but you don't want to lug around a huge umbrella. They are compact and super adorable. Check out those fun prints! I have one that I keep in my purse just in case.
They may be just over $10 but I've seen non "Totes" Brand ones for less!
And last but certainly not least.....
Bath & Body Works "Stuff"
From lotions, to sprays, to candles to sanitizers and soaps this place has you covered!
They have so many wonderful things for gifts and stuffers.
Every woman loves this place.
I'm sure of it!
It's a gloomy, muggy, rainy Monday here at the Jersey Shore....
BUT - it's a 3 day week!
Stay tuned for my giveaway this week!!


  1. I so need to invest in good stockings, I just can't decide what ones to get. I do love yours! And you can't go wrong with chapstick, B&BW, or cozy socks!

  2. I did an iTunes gift card in my daughters stocking last year and she still talks about it! She was just saying the other day that she hopes that she gets it again so she can download more songs! It was a big hit in this house for sure!