Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Whats on your...Bucket List

This is something I haven't really put too much thought into until recently I guess.
Well, I've always kind of had a running list of "one day I'll..." or "Eventually we will..." but never really had it written out in one place. So without further ado, here it is.....

 Go to Italy
This has always been a dream of mine. My brother go to go in High School, and I was so envious of that trip. Being that my roots are Italian and I love anything and everything about Italy, I want to go there SO badly. It's so beautiful and there is so much to see and learn about and my gosh the food is probably amazing!
Go back to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

We went to Wisconsin the June after my dad passed away for a big car show that he was on the planning board for for quite some time. It was the 50th anniversary of the MG Midget. I was the only one planning to go with my dad but that plan changed and our whole family went in his honor. We got to race cars on the Road America track.
Me driving with my brother riding shotgun
It was an amazing place. I'd go there again in a heartbeat. That's why it's on my list. I want to go back with Ted. We are actually planning this for July 2015!
Dad's car front & Center
Sure, we took a smurf blue VW Eurovan with an infant, myself, my mom, brother & sister-in-law whilst towing an Austin Healey Sprite and following 2 others that broke down halfway there, but it was amazing.
 There was a huge void since my Dad wasn't there, and everyone felt it. Not just us either, all of his friends, anyone who knew him. Random people would come up to us and say
"You're Frank's family aren't you, he was an amazing man"

I need to do an entire post on my dad....but he was just that.... Amazing.
Ride horses with Ted
I wanted to do this on our honeymoon, on the beach, but when I saw how hot it was every day I immediately felt bad for the horses. I said it would be mean to sit on them in the heat and make them cart us around. So we didn't go. BUT I want to do this locally. There are lots of local places that to tours in our area of the beautiful woods in western Jersey.
Go back to Aruba on our anniversary
I've probably mentioned how amazing this island is in every post since we've been there.
It's truly the greatest place I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of places.
Ted & I can't wait to get back there
We hope we can go for our one year anniversary but we'll see :)
Have a food truck
Honestly, if I had the capital I'd quit my job and do this tomorrow.
My friend Kate & I have this dream of having an amazing food truck that serves comfort foods and baked goods. All the things that aren't good for you, but you love to eat.
We both bake and cook regularly and love doing so.
People tell us to open a bake shop or something and we totally want to, it's just easier said than done of course. Maybe one day....
Get back into playing piano
I have a beautiful upright piano that my parents got me when I was younger for Christmas one year. I used to take lessons and play all the time. I've since stopped and often regret it. My mom always said I'd get back in to it when I have children and teach them to play...
I'm sure that is true, but I'd love to play more now. I love my piano. It's very special to me.
But I think every pianist dreams of a baby grand...I mean...
Do the Polar Bear Plunge every year
And old friend and I about to jump in!
I've done this in the past. Just haven't done it in a few years. In 2012 it was moved north because of the Sandy damage to Seaside Heights. And in 2013 I was sick and it wasn't back in Seaside yet. In 2014 I believe we were away and it STILL wasn't back in Seaside. Ya know, after Sandy there was a huge fire....  
But this year it's back & is such a great cause! It benefits Special Olympics, how awesome is that. Who wouldn't jump in the Atlantic Ocean in February for that!? No question! It's such a fun day. So many perks to being a plunger. You get tons of loot, free food and drinks and are donating to an amazing cause.
Massive amounts of people....look closely up on the boardwalk
I'm sure there are a few things I'm forgetting.
And I'm sure the list will grow over time and change.
But for now, I'm pretty content with where I've gone and what I've done.
I look forward to accomplishing this list!
Happy Tuesday

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