Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cookie Swap Fun!

Every year the weekend before Christmas my girlfriend Heather hosts a cookie swap. Over the years it's kind of turned into a sweet swap because there are so many different options aside from cookies that people want to make. The first year I did it I made magic cookie bars. I don't remember what I did the year after the magic cookie bars, but the year after that I made mint chocolate chip cookies. Last year I made traditional Italian anisette cookies and this year I making some type of chocolate cookie bar with white chocolate and crushed peppermint. I'll review exactly what they are after I've swapped them, I don't want to give away some secrets!
The swap is very serious. You have to commit to her a few months out and once she gets her final list, everyone gets a special invitation and that you have to tell her what cookie you're making. She holds it about 3-5 days before Christmas Eve so that you have tons of cookies for your families. This has been such a big hit in years past!
It's so much fun, she has lots of  "reindeer" games prizes tons of food to eat we all get to sample the cookies, and decide who made the best one, who's took the longest to make, who has the nicest packaging etc. I won best tasting for the magic cookie bars, I was pretty excited about that AND longest to make, when in fact they are super easy and quick!
Here are some pictures from swaps past....
2011 - playing charades with clay!
Timed word scramble
More Reindeer Games in 2012!
Our spread from 2012
A few of my un iced anisette cookies
Not even half!
My packaging last year before the wrapping

All wrapped up - I didn't' win though :(
These girls are pro's! We are so competitive with this swap that it's quite funny.
Making the best reindeer out of balloons.....
So much fun!

My balloon antlers!

One funny lookin' Rudolph!
Yeah.... I won.... Hahaha

Our spread from 2013

Sampling the goods!
It is the best time! Seriously!
I truly look forward to it every year.
Tomorrow I'm going to share the detailed recipes from cookies past...
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Magic Cookie Bars
Anisette Cookies
In other news........ Can I tell you how darn much I LOVE my new blanket scarf?!
Andrea had one on the other day and I fell in love with it.
It's from Tara Lynn's Boutique and it is FABULOUS!
It's total huge and takes over my entire front when I put my coat on, but it's the best thing I've bought all year! I'm going to get one for my mom for Christmas.

Love Love Love!!! 
Have a great day!  

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