Friday, November 21, 2014

White Mountain Vacations

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This Friday - since it was super cold out this week - I'm in full winter mode.
I am a lover of all things travel, believe me. I love to be on the go!
I also love every and all destinations.
I love to sit on the beach or by a pool in the Caribbean.
I love to sweat in San Antonio.
I love to freeze my tush off in New Hampshire.
I love to relax by a lake in Wisconsin. 
And I've mentioned all of these before...
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So my Friday Faves are about the COLD! New Hampshire to be specific. And even more specifically, two amazing resorts... so kick back and get cozy and prepare to book a trip after reading this.....seriously I'm willing to bet on this...
New Hampshire Vacation
~The beautiful White Mountains~
2 different resorts!
If you are looking for an amazing place to vacation to this winter....look no further!
I have been to both of these resorts and I can say that both places are amazing.
Like something out of a movie.
My family went to each of these around Christmas time on both occasions a few years apart.
Since I live in New Jersey, New Hampshire isn't all that far for me, probably a 8 hour drive.
The first one up...
The Mount Washington Resort

Website here

It has so much charm and such an old feel to it.
It was decorated so perfectly for Christmas.

I literally couldn't believe my eyes when we were pulling in from the highway and saw it sitting among the mountains, covered in snow just as it's pictured above. I mean, doesn't that just take your breath away!?
Let's peek inside shall we?

The beautiful front porch (when it's warmer out obv.)
One of the main hallways
Guest Rooms
Dining Room - gasp

"The Cave"
I love this! We did this both times we went. It is seriously amazing. The beautiful Clydesdale horses are so majestic to look at. The sled has jingle bells on it  and there is Christmas music playing. You take this breath-taking ride through the snow covered woods....
gaaaahh it's just amazing.
I believe we had a package over a long weekend which included dinners and breakfast.
Lunch was on our own which was simple because of all the cute little places to eat nearby.
There were activities for kids and adults together and separately.
They had a huge gingerbread house display. There were carolers and a choir playing bells.
There are tons of fire places to sit near and drink coco... Several bars to grab a cocktail
A full library/board game room with numerous options to choose from.
It was so beautiful. I'd go back in a heart beat.
I'll have to save up and take my husband there :)
Ok - Next up is down the road...
The Mountain View Grand
Their website here
I mean..........isn't it just as amazing as the previous one?!
This place is more modern, but still has a warm cozy feel to it.
Let's look inside this one.....
Their beautiful porch
Main Dining
The Garden Dining room

Tavern Bar
Guest Bedrooms
This here too - gaah I love it
Both of these places on the inside remind me of scenes from Titanic right?!
You forget where you are and fall into this amazing picture perfect world.
They both have beautiful spas and luxury indoor pools.
You can ski, snowboard, snow tube, snow shoe, snow mobile snow ANYTHING.
There are tours, events, specialty nights etc.
If you are planning a trip and want to go somewhere fabulous for the winter GO HERE!
And if these places are pricey, check out one of the many
Inn's and B&B's in the white mountains.
Has anyone been here? I'd love to hear about it!
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Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. Stopping by from the Momfessionals Link Up! Both of these resorts look absolutely amazing! The perfect long weekend get away for me and the hubby (maybe next year when I'm not 35 weeks pregnant)! Happy Friday!

  2. These places look amazing!! Much nicer than the 15 inches of snow here, ugh...