Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites ~ Kitchen "Stuff"

Kitchen "Stuff"
Let's take a moment to drool over this kitchen....
Let me start by saying this is totally a dream kitchen... in looking for new homes, and considering new construction, I definitely want an amazing kitchen.
What I have now is nice, but kind of small.
I need more space to work!!
Now, on to my favorites... There are several kitchen "staples" that I cannot live without...
My absolute, hands down, FAVORITE kitchen “gadget” is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!
Ted got it for me last year for Christmas. I had hinted about it a tiny bit (honestly) but with planning a wedding and all, and it being a big expense, I didn’t think he would get it for me.  It is seriously my favorite thing ever. AND it's red.... My kitchen is all white with red accents so it's absolutely perfect.
I participate in an amazing cookie/treat swap every Christmas. It’s hard-core. Like, sign up and commit by the beginning of October. Decide on a cookie and tell the coordinator a.s.a.p. so there are no duplicates etc. It’s usually about 14-18 women. We usually do a dozen per person to swap so sometimes it’s been A LOT of cookies, like almost overwhelming but not because I love every second of it. So this is super super amazing to have for the swap this year. Last year my left hand may or may not have gotten caught in the hand mixer whilst trying to mix a triple batch of anisette cookies…

I'll blog details of the swap and the cookies I've done next week, including an overall winner I made that people couldn't get enough of (super easy too)  ;)
I absolutely love my Pampered Chef Chopper
 I use it quite often. It's the best for when you need to chop peppers, onions, garlic etc.
I used it to make my awesome creamy chicken & rice soup
(I like the veggies really chopped up)
If you are ever at a party where someone sells pampered chef, buy this! You will love it!
It cuts the chopping time in half and is super easy.
Clean up is a bit funky because of the blades, but still easy.
I have these awesome Bamboo Cutting Boards that make me want to never use any other type of cutting board again.
They clean so nicely and don't get all yucky with knife marks.
I highly recommend these.
I used this wonderful Dutch Oven to make soups, stews, and my delicious
It is awesome. And very similar to the much more expensive Le Creuset
And sticking to my red theme.....I have this in red as well!
And the last thing I'll mention today is the Chefmate Cupcake Carrier
I use this often. I send cupcakes in to work with Ted or I bring them to a party or to work for the kids.
This thing is great. Holds 24 cupcakes double decker style and clips together really tight.
That's it for me today.
I have a busy weekend of getting the house ready to "show"
It's supposed to be chilly, I'm excited about that.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that dream kitchen!! Good luck on your home search!!

  2. That kitchen is dreamy!
    I have had that same mixer since we got married 8 years ago. I love it! I use it all the time :)
    And now I need that double decker cupcake holder! Adding it to my wishlist :)