Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Prepare yourselves, this is a huge mish-mosh of things I've worn over the last month! Totally random, horrible picture quality and no particular theme, but none the less....things I wore!

This Morning..... This is such a bad picture, but I'm accepting it because I love my outfit.
I mentioned Monday I love navy and yellow together. This is living proof.

Target Long Sleeve Tee here
Gap Scarf similar one here
Jessica Simpson Coat similar one here
NY&Co Pants here
Barrington St. Anne Tote here
Another shot of the outfit minus the coat. Not sure whats happening with my claw hand.
This sweatshirt/sweater found here from Kohl's is SO comfy!
This was a last minute purchase and I am so glad I grabbed it.
It's perfect!
I wore it with jeans and tall Uggs yesterday and sported some huge crazy hair as well.
This dress!! I LOVE this dress!!
I got it at a Black Friday sale at a local bridal salon for $10!!!!
I wore it to our friends wedding 2 weeks ago.
It's chocolate brown with a champagne under layer.
It is so comfortable and very flowy.
I am very much looking forward to their sale this year!!
I score so many fun dresses so cheap.
(This pic was right before I curled my hair)
 Nude pumps are from Payless girls.... I love them!
They were like $18 !
Ok - Have you ever heard of "Rent The Runway" ?
You can rent designer dresses for cheap. You pick a dress, order your size and either a size bigger or a size smaller and they are shipped to you with a bag to return it in.
I did it with this dress below for the wedding I went to two weeks ago and ended up having to wear the dress above...
So clearly, this didn't work out for me the way it is supposed to.
I couldn't get it was sad. I got credit though and will give it another try in the future...
I love the idea of it!
Super cute right??
This is a Billabong dress.... I got it in Aruba at a little surf shop downtown
I wore it to our dinner on the beach.
It's black underneath with a longer chiffon type overlay.
Since we ate on the beach, I just wore my black Sanuk flip flops 
I can't find this dress or anything comparable, but SO glad I scooped it up.
Disregard the hotel towels on the floor :)

Thank goodness it's Wednesday and I have off tomorrow and Thursday!
Looking forward to the long weekend to get some things done and spend time with my Mama!
Stay Fabulous Ladies

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