Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Recap ~ A little bit of everything!

I was off on Thursday & Friday from school so I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 day weekend.
I got my #MandaStrong t-shirt in the mail and couldn’t wait to sport it!
And despite how the picture looks, my hair is NOT ombre!
On Thursday it rained all day so I cleaned, grocery shopped and prepped for our Devil’s party at our house on Friday night because Friday all day I went to Cape May & Stone Harbor in south Jersey to shop and have lunch with my mom.
The weather was super windy and chilly but nice and then suddenly this huge black cloud rolled in and it rained for like 8 minutes. But we didn’t let that ruin our day. We ate lunch at this fabulous little restaurant which was super fancy and absolutely delicious.
This is the restaurant Sax at The Reeds ~ So Yummy !
I had this awesome chicken sandwich with garlic aioli on ciabatta bread with sweet potato fries
My mom had a roast beef sandwich with regular fries which smelled amazing!
We had a fun morning/afternoon shopping, lunching and talking.
Then I headed home to get ready for our hockey party. We had about 10 friends come over to watch the Devils game. I made all sorts of food.
I had beer bread (from Tastefully Simple) with 2 different dips.
I made this amazing jalapeno popper dip which was accompanied with plain pita chips and flat pretzels.
Before baking!
It was literally gone in like, 10 minutes.
I found it on Pinterest here
I used fresh roasted jalapenos and crumbled up some bacon under the bread crumbs!
We had wings from a local wing place that were so tasty. And I made my shredded beef and threw it in the crock pot. I had some tortillas and chips and all the sides to go along with it. That was a big hit.
Also, I may have asked Santa for these for Christmas this year..... so cute!
I also made “devil’s food” cupcakes decked out in black and red sprinkles with little NHL toothpicks stuck into them and chocolate covered double stuffed Oreo “pucks” with all the players’ numbers written on top with red icing. And I was so busy entertaining and trying to socialize and watch the game that I forgot to snap a photo of the spread… Next time for sure.
Moving along to Saturday ~ A delicious red cup with a gingerbread latte inside...
Mind the bleach spot on my shirt, I had a hoodie on over top but took it off
once I got home :)
I went to a local farm market place Delicious Orchards It literally has the best fruits and veggies and all kinds of cheeses and delicious stuff!
My mom and I went there with my two nephews.... I left with several bags
AND ~ I was so happy to find this little gem....
Since I've been looking for a real coconut since Aruba!
I came home to this little mush...
On Sunday I went to 7:30 mass for my Gramma in honor of what would have been her 95th Birthday.  Then headed to brunch at Laurita Winery with my in-laws and hubby.
The Winery

Winery Tour

My Love
We took the long way home through some back roads....

It was a beautiful day for a fall ride...
After that our evening consisted of Hallmark Christmas movies and early to bed!
Exciting I know, be jealous of my lavish life.
Happy Monday!

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