Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What matters in a new house....

It's another muggy rainy day here... humid and oddly warm for the end of November here in Jersey. I kind of hate it because I'm loving the scarf/coat/sweater weather...not this "it's hot when I'm driving home and need to open windows" I'll take the cold over warm (this time of year at least) any day!
Since it's a bit crappy, I figured it was the perfect day for Andrea's almost famous, insanely delicious Pulled Pork !
Excited for dinner tonight!!
 As I've mentioned before, Ted & I are selling our house and will be moving closer to my mom & brother/his family. And by closer, I mean 20 minutes north of where we are now, but trust me, it feels further! Ted purchased our home in 2009 so he's done the whole "buy a house" thing. I on the other hand have never done this. So it's all new and exciting as well as a little overwhelming and kinda crazy trying to figure out what will work best for us now but also be good to grow into with children. SO... on that note, what is important to look for?

We're pretty much leaning toward new construction. The ability to make it what you want from the start is extremely appealing, but the price tag? Not so much. Not that it's far out of reach, it's just not necessarily comfortable.
It's so pretty though, it's hard to resist!

I'm hoping this is the road we go down. Because we've looked at "older" homes.
We've discussed buying a slight fixer upper that needs cosmetic fixing. But I have this fear that behind the walls we'll discover major problems or something. I don't know.
Maybe it's just a little paranoia.

So when you DO build new, what actually matters as a "must have"
I'd say an amazing kitchen. Large enough to function in and host guests, because we all know that women gather in the kitchen

I need enough counter space to cook, bake, serve, and just "work" in my kitchen.
Right now, I have limited space. It's enough and I make it work but the above would be amazing to have. It's even bigger than the picture shows too....

That being said. I also want a large enough master with a bathroom.
I'd like 3 additional bedrooms and a place for storage whether it be a basement, garage or both. Right now we are limited on storage so I'm using a bedroom to store "stuff"
We actually NEED a garage for my Austin Healey.

Another major necessity is MORE BATHROOMS! haha
We share one right now, which is OK for the most part, but can be a bit frustrating at times.

Oh Hey fireplace near the tub.... amazing.

Doesn't this look like a page out of a log cabin home magazine or something fabulous!

I'm not really needing anything that elaborate, but another potty would be super-fab!
And by the way... how awesome is this drawer set up.... keeping this in mind...

So to me, those things are the most important.
I need a great kitchen. A garage. And more bathrooms!

Anything else is just a bonus.

The house goes on the market officially this Monday.
We're excited and hopeful that it sells and we can move before the spring!

And if I truly had my way and life allowed, I'd be living in something like this:

On a totally different side note, we got our professional wedding pictures back last weekend.
They came out so amazing!

These are pictures of pictures because I didn't have a scanner handy.
But you get the idea.... love them!!

Happy Tuesday...
Recipe Club/What's Cookin' Wednesday tomorrow
Give-Away at the end of the week!

PS: I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on buying/selling houses and building a new house from the ground up!



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  1. The party always ends up in the kitchen! I love that my kitchen opens up into the living room so everyone is together when we host. Those fireplaces next to the tub look amazing! My husband and I love the show Buying Alaska and your dream home looks like it would fit right in. Best wishes during the home buying process!