Monday, November 17, 2014

My Sunday Craft!

Happy Monday!
Last week I was reading everyone's blogs and came across this amazingly cute "Christmas Caddy" on I Heart Organizing's blog which was a guest piece by  Megan at Honey We're Home and thought to my self, "I can do that!" So here we have my awesome Christmas Caddy! My pictures aren't as glamorous and I have different "things" in mine... 
But never the less...I love it! It was super easy and fun to make and came out so cute! 

Here's what I used:
One Bamboo utensil organizer 
(Homegoods - $9.99)

Red duct tape & other fun tapes
(Anywhere duct tape is sold)

2 cabinet handles 
(Lowes - $2.39 each)

A little Christmas sign for the front
Christmas stickers
Cute bow for inside
(All from Michael's)
Lots of fun stuff to fill it up like tags, pens, markers & whatever else your heart desires. 

All I did was apply the red duct tape to the long sides of the organizer. And with a hot glue gun I stuck on the Merry Christmas tag and stickers. I used a dot of glue to reinforce the stickers. Then I used gorilla glue to attach the handles. The screws would have been to hard on the bamboo and hot glue didn't work for me. Gorilla glue doesn't freakin budge once it sets. For reals. My finger tip can tell you! After that was the fun part of filling it up! I'm going to use it for my Christmas card decorating so it will have stamps and ink along with mailing stamps and Christmas stickers and so on. I also plan to keep my accessories organized for gift wrapping as well such as ribbons and tags and tape etc. 
And what you are finished with is this:

The one pictured is for my mom - I'm gave it to her last night as a little pre-Christmas gift. She absolutely loved it! 
 I have all the stuff to make mine ready to go.
I put the peppermint squares in there because they are her favorite ❤️
Tomorrow I will be talking about the annual Cookie Swap I attend and the best cookies from past swaps....

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  1. What a great idea! I'm am not a crafty person at ALL, so I have extra appreciation for projects like this. ;) Happy "8 weeks" to you and your hubby! Celebrate them all- time goes by so quickly!